A few puddles

The picture of the day is a puddle. Once again the forecast was gloomier than the reality although the reality was still pretty gloomy.  However, it didn’t start actually raining until after lunch but this was not much use to me as it was too wet to do anything useful in the garden and myContinue reading “A few puddles”

Hopes dashed

Today’s  picture shows three of Dropscone’s relatives on Gavin’s recent wet holiday.  For security reasons I cannot tell you which ones are the relatives. Once again, in spite of very wet weather elsewhere, we had a pleasant sunny day today, this time with no passing showers at all.  Following the doctor’s prescription to take aContinue reading “Hopes dashed”

Dodging the rain

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on a wet walk in the Peal District, shows the Peak Forest Canal basin at Buxworth.  I particularly like canals so it gets in at full size.. Once again the worst of the weather seems to have given us the go by.  My recorder playing friend Sue, whoContinue reading “Dodging the rain”

A little relief from the rain

Today’s picture, sent from Gavin, who is on a rainy walking tour in the Peak District, shows a stone circle called Arbor Low.  He says it is sometimes referred to as the Stonehenge of the north (but presumably only by people who haven’t seen Stonehenge and don’t know where the north is). It wasn’t rainingContinue reading “A little relief from the rain”


Today’s picture shows the Tower of London.  It comes from the camera of my sister Mary. It was another of those days which we have become all to used to when, if it wasn’t raining at any one time, it was going to start soon.  This put paid to cycling as, at the moment, IContinue reading “Limestone”

Getting wet

Today’s post is another glimpse of Maisie from NZ.  She is being helpful by removing the washing from the basket and putting it on the floor. Our breakfast was accompanied by the frantic squawking of this bird outside the window. At the far end of the lawn, a family of sparrows were taking a breakContinue reading “Getting wet”

I saw a bird

Today’s picture shows the village of Mickleton in Gloucestershire.  My brother was visiting it by bike. It was a pleasant, if rather windy day and still on the cool side for June when Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  My joints were on strike so he pedalled off round the morning run while I gentlyContinue reading “I saw a bird”

Crosswort puzzle solved

Today’s picture picture shows my brother Andrew framed by wisteria at Basildon Park on a recent trip with my sister Susan. There may be floods and gales elsewhere in the country but we had a pleasantly warm day to day with only one rain shower to mar it.  Dropscone was not golfing so kindly agreedContinue reading “Crosswort puzzle solved”

Not at home

Today’s picture is of a bird in New Zealand sent to my sister Susan by a friend. It looks quite chilly there.  It was fairly warm but overcast here and at breakfast time, Sandy rang me up and asked if I wanted to visit a sand martin nest site.  As the forecast was for rainContinue reading “Not at home”

Flaming June

Today’s picture is the moon when I went to bed last night. In spite of the very clear night, it wasn’t too cold when we woke up and our visiting cyclist was able to look forward to a kinder day in the saddle than yesterday.  It was even nice enough for me to get outContinue reading “Flaming June”