Busy finger

Today’s guest picture is the view from my older son’s hotel room in Prague where he is spending a romantic weekend with his partner.  You may think he should have gone next weekend when it will be St Valentine’s Day but he was sensible enough to check the prices first. We had a good day. Continue reading “Busy finger”

All the ingredients

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz and shows a Spanish butterfly which she met on holiday. We couldn’t run to any butterflies here but we did get a reasonable February day with a temperature of 6°C and not a drop of rain all day.  There was a brisk drying wind and all sortsContinue reading “All the ingredients”

Good looking

This guest picture is to illustrate the news today that much of the south of England has had double the usual amount of rain in January. It has been the wettest since the records began. It was taken in Oxford by my brother earlier this month. We had no rain here today and in spiteContinue reading “Good looking”

A second visit to Leith

Today’s guest picture shows the Old Manor House in Solihull High Street, photographed by my brother Andrew, whose birthday it is today, on a recent visit. Dropscone had an appointment at cycling time today so I was on my own on a dry and comparatively warm (5°C) morning.  Because there was a noticeable east windContinue reading “A second visit to Leith”

A varied day

Today’s guest picture shows the Ullswater steamer.  It was taken last week by my sister Mary who was on a short visit to the Lake District. Another day and there was yet more rain to greet us when we woke.  Dropscone and I abandoned the thought of the morning run and settled for a treacleContinue reading “A varied day”

Bright as a button

Today’s guest picture is sent from Tenerife by my sister Susan, just to show that she has made it there safely. There was heavy rain overnight here but I managed to up get so late that it had stopped  and wonder of wonders, the sun had come out.  This was so surprising that I hadContinue reading “Bright as a button”

Time for a lie down

Today’s guest picture is a copy of a postcard sent to me by Ziriacus.  Fed up with our puny bridges here,  it shows the fine railway bridge that crosses the river Wupper near his home in Germany. We saw a glimpse of the sun today.  Not much of a glimpse and not for long butContinue reading “Time for a lie down”


Today’s guest picture shows the University of Birmingham which was recently visited by my brother.  He said the buildings reminded him of an Indian railway station.  The tall tower on the right is a campanile. Another day, another blanket of cloud.  But once again it was dry and above freezing with a light wind soContinue reading “Flutalpedal”

Back on the road again

Today’s guest picture is an unusual view of an electricity pylon taken last summer by my recorder playing friend Susan. Although it wasn’t the best of mornings, I was determined to have a pedal after missing a couple of days grappling with my fading brain.  Dropscone appeared promptly after breakfast and we set off toContinue reading “Back on the road again”