Rule of thirds

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz, who lives just across the road but who has sent me this photograph of a geyser in the Maori Village at Whakarewarewe,New Zealand, from the other side of the world (where she is on holiday). We had a bit of a shock when we woke up toContinue reading “Rule of thirds”

An eponymous day

Today’s guest picture, especially for people of a certain age, shows the Ferry across the Mersey.  It was taken by my brother Andrew. The gales of yesterday had abated by this morning and there was some welcome sunshine too.  In spite of dire warnings of icy conditions, it was a mellow 6°C so Dropscone andContinue reading “An eponymous day”

Song cycle day

Today’s guest picture is a beautiful Jute brooch (625 AD) seen in Liverpool’s World Museum by my brother on his recent visit to the city. Dropscone and I braved a forecast of strong winds and went for a spin round the morning run after breakfast.  The best thing about the morning run is that theContinue reading “Song cycle day”

Two tech surprises

Today’s guest picture shows Dropscone’s granny’s rocking chair which his son has recently got re-upholstered. I could have done with a rocking chair myself this morning as it was too wet and windy to be attractive to a cyclist.  As a result I spent the morning watching and waiting as breakfast morphed seamlessly into morningContinue reading “Two tech surprises”

A view from the bridge

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother Andrew in Spain and shows a mountain chapel. The forecast was for a cloudy but dry day with frost at first and icy patches at first.  Apart from the fact that there was no frost and it was sunny all day, they got it pretty well rightContinue reading “A view from the bridge”

On their beam ends

Today’s guest picture wings its way over from Barcelona where my eldest sister and younger brother are having a jaunt.  My brother tells me that these are the museum steps. It was fine when we got up but Dropscone and I had had a look at the weather forecast and decided to give the morningContinue reading “On their beam ends”

Bike shopping

Today’s guest picture is a vivid view of the south bank of the Thames at night captured by my brother a few days ago. It was a dry and sunny day and it would have been ideal for the morning run with Dropscone had there not been a very stiff breeze blowing.  It was stillContinue reading “Bike shopping”

Blown up

Today’s guest pictures were taken by my daughter and show that lichen can get anywhere, even onto a south London post box. It was dry but breezy this morning and it was my intention to put this to good use by getting a decent pedal in.  I was too optimistic.  The breeze turned out toContinue reading “Blown up”

Surprised to be let out

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary and shows the approach to the Paddington basin on the Regent’s canal. The start to the day here was bang on forecast with strong winds and heavy rain from breakfast time onwards.  Luckily Dropscone was on hand with some restorative treacle scones to go with our unearnedContinue reading “Surprised to be let out”