A song cycle

Today’s guest picture shows the result of time hanging heavily on someone’s hands near Eskdalemuir.  It was sent to me by Sandie, my northern correspondent who wonders if it is a Christmas decoration. Our weather here today was very tame after the gales and floods that have lashed the east coasts of Britain recently andContinue reading “A song cycle”

Sandy’s downfall or a tale of two twits

Today’s guest picture was sent to me from Arran by Bruce where he was attending the wedding of his son.  I think this means that the wedding got the official seal of approval. It was another windless,  sunny but chilly (5°C) morning and I had thought about cycling south down the A7 and A6071 toContinue reading “Sandy’s downfall or a tale of two twits”

A day out

The guest picture of the day was kindly provided by my sister Susan, being one that was surplus to requirements in her own blog.  It shows just how much money is washing round the City of London when they can afford such fancy bollards. For busy readers, I should mention that Mrs Tootlepedal and IContinue reading “A day out”

A short walk

Today’s picture of beautiful sunshine in London was taken by my sister Mary after her usual game of tennis in Regent’s Park.  She sent it to me to make me envious of the lovely day there. We almost had a lovely day here ourselves.  There was mist on the hills… …but sun in the garden….Continue reading “A short walk”

Winding through the countryside

Today’s guest picture shows a pair of well known people whom my brother and his wife met in Madrid. I myself met a well known person (to me at least) when Dropscone appeared after breakfast, ready for the morning run.  It was a bit warmer than it has been so there was no danger ofContinue reading “Winding through the countryside”

Back to normal

Today’s picture comes from Switzerland courtesy of Dropscone’s sister Elizabeth.  The police think that this cow may be a ringer. We were welcomed back to reality with a cloudy day in Langholm and a temperature about 14 degrees C lower than Nimes but for all the contrast with our recent holiday, it was still quiteContinue reading “Back to normal”

Back again

Today’s picture shows the sort of thing you can expect to see if you are cycling in Texel in the Netherlands.  Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent, was there on holiday.  The power is being provided by Hannah. Dropscone and I had a pedal too but not on a tandem.  To avoid the danger of racing ourContinue reading “Back again”

Another birthday

It was my middle sister Mary’s birthday today and the picture of the day shows her modestly raising a glass to herself in reply to a toast. We could have done with a bit of her London sunshine today as we had yet another grey day here.  It was quite a bit warmer than yesterdayContinue reading “Another birthday”

Eye test

Today’s picture, from my brother’s visit to Melbourne House, shows a statue of Medusa who is obviously having a bad hair day. I couldn’t have felt more different and was in fine fettle when Dropscone arrived for the morning run.  It had rained during breakfast but it had stopped by the time that we setContinue reading “Eye test”