The tables below hold a record of my cycling mileage from 2009 to the present day.  I was going well in 2011 and was looking to top 7000 miles in 2012 when unfortunately I got a bout of rheumatic arthritis which set me back a lot and I didn’t even make half that distance.

I got good medical care though and built up the mileage to 5000 over the next two years but then I required an operation for a new knee at the very end of 2014.  This once again set my mileage back a bit.  The new knee works well so I am pedalling away quite happily but I have to be careful with it so my mileage has reduced again.


I am trying to add a little bit each year and was hoping for 4200 miles in 2018 but ailments, injury and bad weather set me back significantly.  Some good summer weather got me back on track but I had no reserve yet against  bad winter conditions.  I got slightly ahead of the game by the end of September and then bad weather and a pulled muscle ruined the end of October and the whole of November.  Luckily an unusually mild December let me creep over the 4000 mile mark before the end of the year.


I started slowly this year.  We got surprisingly good weather in February. Unfortunately my feet started to trouble me in March and it took me a long time to get cycling again.  I had some good summer and early autumn months but cold weather in November brought things to a bit of a halt as I was determined not to fall off on an icy patch.  December didn’t improve things, being either icy or windy for a lot of the time.


I am plagued by the infirmities of age but at least I got some cycling in during January and started this year better than four of the five previous ones.  February had the wettest weather on record but was followed by a dry March and April so I got caught up a bit.  The lockdown got me into a cycling and walking routine and I was able to keep up a steady mileage in the summer months.   The lockdown continued and I continued to mix cycling and walking so my mileage ended up not too bad in the end.


The first five months of the year were in lockdown so there was very little variety in my outings, and I did a lot of short rides.  Very cold weather in January started me off slowly and it was still unusually cold until well into May so I was pleased to get some steady miles in, including one ride of eighty miles. The weather was pretty dry over the summer and I was able to do some good miles including an hundred mile outing in June. Early autumn was quite kind and November and December, in spite of severe storm at the end of November, allowed me to add some miles without having to cycle in bad weather as they remained pretty well frost free.


We were still very limited by virus restrictions at the beginning of the year but the weather was kind in January, so I got off to a reasonably good start.  It wasn’t so kind in February which was very windy.  Spring was not too bad in general but there was a lot of windy weather so I didn’t get quite the mileage in that I would have liked.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I bought folding electric bikes in April and we have done a few hundred miles on them which I have added to my total.   The electric bikes turned out to be a very good purchase and between us, we cycled 530  miles on them in May and June.  July and August both had good weather and I was able to get some good rides in.  The weather in December was much more conducive to walking than cycling so I ended the year with rather fewer miles than I had hoped for, though anything over 4000 keeps me happy.  In the end I did 2600 miles on my road bike and 1400 on my electric bike.


2023 started with some discouraging weather and I  had a poor start to the year as far as mileage went in the first two months, though I see that it was almost exactly the same amount in total as the previous two years.

  2024 total 2023 total 2022 total 2021 total
January     157 157 248 248 104 104
Feb     252 409 156 404 308 412
March         443 847 363 775
April         356 1203 506 1281
May         361 1564 478 1759
June         511 2075 503 2262
July         427 2502 410 2673
August         462 2964 447 3120
Sept         367 3331 413 3533
Oct         310 3641 304 3837
Nov         254 3895 317 4154
Dec         129 4024 165 4319

 2017 – 2020

  2020 total 2019   2018 total 2017 total
January 222 222 210 210  176  176 242 242
Feb 102 324 293 503  131  307 330 572
March 441 775 42 545 366 673 512 1084
April 357 1132 223 768 389 1063 431 1515
May 457 1589 161 929 446 1509 453 1968
June 427 2006 237 1166 520 2029 441 2409
July 426 2432 403 1509 426 2455  382 2791
August 459 2891 402 1971 566 3021  506 3297
Sept 404 3295 439 2410 379 3400  237  3534
Oct 428 3713 361 2771 240 3640  410  3944
Nov 292 4015 156 2927 27 3667  58  4002
Dec 195 4210 150 3076 345


 170  4172


  2016 total 2015 total 2014 total 2013 total
January 83 83 0 0 400 400 311 311
February 268 351 98 98 503 903 403 714
March 500 851 308 407 444 1348 330 1044
April 411 1262 391 799 510 1858 395 1439
May 374 1636 307 1106 452 2311 419 1858
June 424 2060 446 1553 459 2770 401 2259
July 469 2529 225 1778 469 3239 502 2761
August 396 2925 478 2256 500 3739 498 3259
Sept 283 3208 514 2770 614 4353 348 3607
Oct 468 3676 441 3212 358 4711 302 3909
Nov 281 3957 170 3382 296 5007 238 4147
Dec 182 4139 162 3544 0 5007 220 4367


  2012 total 2011 total 2010 total 2009 total
January 344 344 297 297 155 155 327 327
February 200 544 527 824 354 509 434 761
March 415 959 713 1537 606 1115 507 1268
April 369 1328 690 2227 642 1757 619 1887
May 262 1590 614 2841 691 2448 419 2306
June 129 1719 627 3468 600 3048 500 2806
July 190 1909 807 4275 551 3599 569 3375
August 305 2214 613 4888 534 4133 539 3914
Sept 477 2692 599 5487 513 4646 702 4616
October 408 3101 439 5926 577 5223 507 5123
Nov 299 3400 483 6409 365 5588 390 5513
Dec 60 3460 272 6681 71 5659 0 5153

Bikes: I purchased an Avanti Blade with belt drive at the end of 2012. It is noticeable that I have never had to clean and oil its belt or buy a new chain and cassette since.

Avanti Blade

This is my ordinary road bike. It a Giant SCR with 30 gears. I use mudguards because I don’t like getting a dirty stripe up my back on wet days. I have done well over 14000 miles on this one and find it pretty comfortable for long rides. It has been very reliable apart from the odd puncture.


This is Mrs Tootlepedal’s town bike suitable for riding with a skirt on. This is her most used bike as she goes to work on it as well as visiting shops and going about her general business in the town. It is a Dawes and a very comfortable and manoeuvrable machine.

town bike

This is the bike Mrs Tootlepedal takes on our long rides. She has done over 7000 miles on this. It is also a Dawes and for the money it was a wonderful buy. It has been utterly reliable, very comfortable and a good workhorse with equipment for a back rack and two rear panniers.


Cycle Tours

We have done three longish trips on these bikes. First on 2006 we went to see Mrs Tootlepedal’s brother in Marlow in the south of England and that was just about 400 miles and took us a week. Next in 2007 we went to see her sister in the south of France and that took us 700 miles in two weeks from St Malo to near Toulouse. Then in 2008 we did the Land’s End to John O’ Groats, which was 970 miles and took us nineteen and a half days.

Later tours were shorter and less demanding.

Because lugging bikes about had become a bit of a trial for us old people we turned to hire bikes for our next foreign tours. In 2010 we went to North Holland and did a leisurely 200 miles in a week. enjoying the tulip fields and canals. In 2012 we managed 200 miles in the south of France some of it along the Canal du Midi. In 2013 we enjoyed a 150 mile five day tour with Cycling Languedoc based round Nimes in southern France.

Pictures of some of our end-to-end guests

John and Andy
John and Andy: May 2012
Scott and Cat
Scott and Cat on their honeymoon setting off to Edinburgh in the rain: Sept 2011
Dave on his way to Peebles, April 2011
 Greg going south
Greg on his way south: April 2011
Colin Brackley
oliver and emily
Oliver and Emily
dave and stuart
Dave and Stuart
Claire and Sarah
billy and mark
Billy and Mark
Mick and Tina
Mick and Tina

21 thoughts on “Cycling

    1. They are expensive to buy but I never have to replace a rear cassette which I have done several times on my road bike and the chain lasts forever. I reckon that if I keep it for for another few years, it will have paid for itself.

  1. You’ve inspired me to keep a cycle log this year. January is our non-cycling month. Too cold in central France, and usually too snowy. However, no snow so far this year but it’s still not cycle friendly weather. Or maybe we’re just soft …!

  2. Hi Tom, Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Lots of lovely birds on show. Do you ever see the Mountain Blackie ? Saw them many years ago in the Langholm area.
    Took me a couple of visits to your site before I realised who Dropscone is.
    Aptly named maybe you could have named him Mincepie or doughnut.Please give him my regards.
    Must say I also enjoy the cycling but I have a MTB, crazyboy stuff however I am gey careful,to old to be falling around. We are lucky here the weather is suitable for biking all year though in summer you start at the crack of dawn to avoid the heat.
    All the best

    Tom Elliot

    1. You would have to tell me a formal name for the mountain blackie. If you mean a blackcock, I have never seen one. I am impressed that you are mountain biking. It is much too bumpy for my bad back so I have never got into it. Dropscone gave himself the name so you can’t blame me for that. I am glad you enjoy the blog. Cheers.


  3. Another spreadsheet cycling tracker. 🙂 My partner logs his like you do. But I don’t. I joke that my dearie is a used car…because he’s cycled over 110,000 kms in the past 20 yrs.

    We don’t have a car.

    1. We went on a circular tour from Schlagen in North Holland across the Isselmeer to Oudemirum and then back across to Edam and back to Schlagen. I haven’t got my maps with me so the names may be a bit mangled.

      1. That’s further north than we are but a lovely part of the country. Probably our most adventurous trip was to the Dutch Island of texel. It’s very positive here. The blossom area near Utrecht was stunning this time last year.

  4. My hat! We are walkers, although bike also. In Oulu, Finland people bike in winter, in snow and on ice. I will send link if interested in to see winter biking.

    Happy biking!

    1. Thank you for commenting. I do not cycle in snow or ice as I have not got proper equipment for it. I have seen a Canadian cycling in very temperatures.

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