A Full Day

Today’s flower is a Danish Flag

It was a pleasant day today in spite of a bit of a chill in the north easterly wind. I went round the usual morning ride the wrong way because of the change in the wind but it takes about the same time whichever way you go. Sometimes people ask me if it doesn’t get a bit boring going  round the same ride day after day but it is always different. The temperature, the wind speed, the wind direction, the state of your health, the birds you see, the traffic you meet,  all of these make for an endless variety. It certainly beats commuting to work every day.

In the afternoon, Mrs Tootlepedal went out to do some community weeding at a nearby public bed which was full of dead phormiums. While she was employed in this public spirited action, I went and played golf.  When I got back, I discovered that the birds had started eating the raspberries which they normally leave alone so we erected a raspberry net which I hope will keep the little blighters off the fruit.

In the evening, Mrs T then went out again on community business to water the hanging baskets in the High Street with a friend and I went off to the Archive Centre for our usual Thursday session followed by a visit to the beer research centre. On our return we caught a beautiful sunset but by the time I got into the house, it had dropped a little low to catch the full beauty of it.


Glorious Afternoon

The flower of the day is an Icelandic poppy

icelandic poppy

The weather took a turn for the better today and i was able to peal round the morning ride without much wind or rain which made a nice change. My cycling partner, Dennis, was off golfing. My golfing partner,  Arthur, was otherwise engaged so I didn’t get to play my Wednesday round of golf. Instead I was able to wander round the garden in beautiful sunshine and I took this picture of a garden resident hard at work.beeI’ll have to hone my photographic skills a bit more but I was quite pleased even to catch a bee in flight.

The mini prairie

Mrs Tootlepedal and I have been quite taken by the mini prairie that has developed where the choosy birds have discarded seed from the feeder during the winter and spring. We think we will have a harvest in the Autumn.  Mrs Tootlepedal spent the afternoon helping with the driving for the disabled (equestrian not motor)  and then went out to work on the evening shift so  I made myself a delicious meal of potatoes from the garden and feta cheese from the Co-op baked with olive oil and herbs.  Then I went to Carlisle for our regular tootle. My tootling friend Susan didn’t come as she is preparing to go to Germany to watch the F1 Grand Prix at the weekend.

A Better Day

Flower of the day: Eryngiumeryngium

A better day today in many ways. For a start, it hasn’t rained which makes a change and so we had a very pleasant morning ride. I had mended my puncture and Dennis had recovered from his breathing problems so we were able to go round at an excellent speed.


While we were out having fun, Mrs Tootlepedal was hard at work on the next corner of the decorations. When this is finished, we are faced with the task of moving hundreds of books out of the bookcase. What fun. After morning coffee (embellished by a Lidl chocolate biscuit), Mrs Tootlepedal went off to weed a neighbour’s front garden. She is laid up after a knee operation. While she was doing that, I scarified and mowed both lawns and though they look a bit sad at the moment, it will pay off in a few days.

hedgeThe weather was so pleasant that after some light gardening we were able to take our afternoon tea in the shade of the walnut tree. Then I gave the front hedge a bit of a neatening while Mrs T did more work in the garden.

potsDuring the day Mrs Tootlepedal dug up some of her potatoes and I must say, they look pretty impressive.

I actually was able to nerve myself to fill in and send off a form for the charity regulator during the afternoon and I took a collection of photos of flowers which will appear as flowers of the day in due course.

Altogether a most satisfactory day. (It’s just started to rain!)

Suits You Sir

It has been another really wet day all day today as this picture of one of the last foxgloves in the garden shows.

Flower pic of the day

Dennis and I were really lucky to be able to sneak out before the rain got going to do our early morning ride. Because I was on my mountain bike, Dennis was able to grind my nose in the dust, which he did…often…but the result was my fastest ever time for the circuit on the slow bike. Every cloud has a silver lining.

After the bike ride and our usual cup of coffee, Mrs Tootlepedal took me to Carlisle for lunch and a shopping experience. This was in honour of Alistair’s forthcoming marriage, as it has been decreed that such an occasion calls for new clothes. Purchases were made but, annoyingly, the best combination of jacket and trousers was not available because of stock shortage in the right size of trouser (plenty of short, fat stuff available but not much tall and skinny). This was a pity because the jacket was very smart indeed. However we have purchased back up stuff of good quality and are anxiously going to search the web to see if we can get the preferred jacket and trousers on-line. The day was not a total write off because I was able to purchase a new tyre and tube for my road bike and some delicious cheese, butter and coffee.

Total Rain

new decor

It was such a wet day all day today that we scarcely ventured out of the house at all. The photo shows Mrs Tootlepedal relaxing after a hard day’s golf watching in front of her newly painted walls. The back half of the room is still under improvement.

As it was so wet, I decided it would be an injustice to a flower to snap in such bedraggled conditions so I have captured a ripening walnut on the walnut tree. The cropping on this tree is very variable (from few to none) so it is a pleasure to notice a nut at all.



I am going to try to photograph a flower of the day if the weather permits. Today’s flower is a lily.

Tash and Dylan
Tash and Dylan

We were delighted to have a visit from Anthony and family passing through on their way to have a holiday in York. I took the opportunity to catch Tash and Dylan looking most grown-up while they were here. Tash is waiting for her exam results and Dylan is shortly going to start work with Anthony on a part work and part college course.

We had a B&B cycling guest and after he arrived, I popped out for an evening turn round my usual morning ride. I had to go on my Orange mountain bike because I discovered that I had a puncture in the back tyre of my road bike. I suspect thorns from hedge cutting which is a constant nuisance to cyclists.

A Good Deal of Sitting Down

After a wet and windy morning ride, I made a little lentil soup and then went to do my stint in the tourist information office. This week I had one visitor but she was very positive and said she was coming back to stay in the town for a longer holiday.

After that, the rest of the day was wasted sitting in front of the telly and watching golf from roughly 4.30 to 10 o’clock.

Mrs Tootlepedal is grieved because the high winds are harming her runner beans.runner The flowers are very good but they are being blown off without being fertilized and the result is no beans. broad

On the other hand, the broad beans are doing well. They developed before this windy period started. What with the damage to the runners and the sparrows eating all her pea plants, Mrs Tootlepedal is beginning to feel that gardening is too much sorrow.

I just look at the lawn and think thank goodness for the application of Buck-U-Uppo.lawn

A Damp Day

A set of pictures to show what’s going on. Mrs Tootlepedal is putting up a radiator shelf as part of the decorations in the sitting room, the tomatoes and peppers are showing some progress in the greenhouse, the clematis is looking lovely and the brown water in the dam behind the house shows how much rain we’ve been having lately compared with months of drought. The fact that Mrs Tootlepedal’s mind has turned to decorating shows what a turn for the worse the weather has taken in general. Our reservoirs are still pretty empty.

I managed to dodge the worst of the morning showers to go round the early cycle run starting at 8am. We had two end to end cyclists in for B and B and they had had a punishing mixture of extreme heat and heavy rain on their way up to us. I don’t think it looks as though their ride north will be much better.

I’m off to the Archive Centre for our usual Thursday evening work session and then on to the pub for some research.

A Quiet Day

I usually play golf on a Wednesday but what with one thing and another, it wasn’t possible today so I had a quiet day in. One lawn got mowed and the other had Buck-U-Uppo put on it it so it wasn’t an entirely wasted day.

In the afternoon I hosted a meeting of a group which is producing a new heritage leaflet for the town (meetings are much better when you don’t have to leave home for them) and in the evening I went to Carlisle to have a tootle with our group. We had a new member who had seen us at our concert the other weekend and had asked to come along. She seemed to enjoy herself.

Jam Today


Mrs Tootlepedal noticed this wonderful sunset from last night and I rushed out to capture it if I could.

She has spent most of the day decorating and it bids to be a pretty successful outcome if early impressions are to be trusted.

Van Gogh

There will have to be a lot of bookcase and side board shifting though before the whole task is completed.

Because of conflicting medical appointments, Dennis and I did our morning run at different times and different ways round though we did stop to chat just as I was ending and he was beginning the ride.


I picked the few blackcurrants kindly left by the blackbirds and managed to squeeze four pots of jam out of them. Had I left it another day there would have been no jam tomorrow.


Still, four pots is better than none and we still have quite a few from last year’s bumper crop so ‘musn’t grumble’ is the watchword.