Uphill work

Today’s guest picture comes in duplex form, courtesy of Irving Davidson and Alan Weatherstone who were both at the road side during the Muckletoon Adventure Festival’s cycle hill climb this evening.   They were kind enough to let me see the results of their expert photography.  In Irving’s picture on the left, I am going uphillContinue reading “Uphill work”

Helping Andy win

Today’s picture was sent to me by my brother who was visiting the David Austin rose collection with his wife. There were a tremendous number of young birds in the garden in the morning making a terrific racket as they demanded to be fed.  A starling tried desperately to get into the fat ball feederContinue reading “Helping Andy win”

Puffed out by the nurse

Today’s picture is another from my daughter’s visit to Edinburgh where she is working at the Film Festival.  It shows the Dean Village towering above the river below. We had quite a sunny day here too, seventy miles to the south.  Once again I managed to stagger out of bed and be on the bikeContinue reading “Puffed out by the nurse”

Granny swapping

Today’s picture is another picturesque view from my sister Mary’s stroll round Kenwood the other day. It was not a day for a picturesque stroll anywhere round here today as it was raining heavily when we got up.  As it happened, we were not able to have a stroll anyway as we had an appointmentContinue reading “Granny swapping”