Top of the table

Today’s picture shows a robin making every effort to get on the Christmas card. The rain had stopped after two days and Dropscone and I were able to go round the morning run in comparative comfort.  A strong south westerly wind made it sensible to use the traditional route and we had to run theContinue reading “Top of the table”

Dull day

Today’s picture shows the latest arrival in Mrs Tootlepedal’s extended family.  It is her great niece, Lara. It was another very grey, miserable day today but at least it was reasonably warm.  Dropscone was waiting in for the gas man and I had to go for a blood test so the morning run fell byContinue reading “Dull day”

In the frame

Today’s picture shows a bridge in Christchurch,  NZ, a much battered city.  It came to me from Maisie’s mother by way of Maisie’s grandparent.  I like the comment on the bottom of the picture. It was so wet and windy today that there was no thought of cycling.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work andContinue reading “In the frame”