Home again

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Alistair in Edinburgh. His family went to enjoy the lights at the Botanic Gardens again this year. We went to East Wemyss by way of the Queensferry Crossing, a bridge which looks implausibly slender as you approach it, but which turns out to have very solid fastenings. TonyContinue reading “Home again”

A walk in the park

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary. She saw a proud parent in Golders Hill Park.  It seems very early in the year to me to be seeing ducklings (or perhaps goslings, I am not sure). The new railway timetables for travel to Edinburgh from Lockerbie have affected us considerably.  Because we now haveContinue reading “A walk in the park”

Showers and sunshine

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew, who thought that this picture of the fernery at York on a rainy day might interest me after my fern walk with Mike a few  days ago.  He was right.  It interested Mike too. We had another cool and windy day here, with occasional heavy showers.  IContinue reading “Showers and sunshine”

Terrifying ladybird

Today’s guest picture comes from Langholm exile Tom.  He sent me this delightful view, taken on his morning walk in South Africa. There are far too many pictures in today’s post but when the sun shines after so much gloom, it is hard to stop the shutter finger clicking. It was a beautiful day inContinue reading “Terrifying ladybird”

Completely over the top

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone.  He was on holiday in Malta last year and took this selfie against the backdrop of the famous ‘Azure Window’.    In the the papers today is the news that this natural arch has collapsed and a famous landmark has now gone for ever.  Dropscone remains standing. I had aContinue reading “Completely over the top”

Blown off course

The guest picture of the day is another from Dropscone’s highland adventure.  He and his daughter visited the celebrated Smoo Cave which is near Durness in Sutherland. Strong winds and occasional showers kept me off my bike again in the morning and between the weather and the holiday, my September mileage is going  to beContinue reading “Blown off course”