Jay walking

Today’s picture is a rather worrying road sign encountered by Bruce. The forecast was not great for today but with the wind coming rather from a northerly direction, we were protected by the hills that more commonly give the rain when our usual wind comes from the south west.  Looking at reports of rain bedevilledContinue reading “Jay walking”

Definitely a touch of summer

Today’s picture is another from my son’s recent visit to America.  They had a plan to visit famous landmarks but they think that they might have been able to get a little closer to this one if they had gone round the other side. We had a warm and pleasant summer’s day today and afterContinue reading “Definitely a touch of summer”

Mixed day

Today’s picture, sent to me by my recorder playing friend Jenny, shows a delightful outbreak of bluebells in the Lake District. We had another warm, dry and occasionally sunny day today. In fact the weather has now been so good for such a comparatively long time by our usual standards that people are losing theirContinue reading “Mixed day”

Transatlantic visitors

Today’s picture was sent by Dropscone who has been refereeing at an international competition for young players from all over the world near Edinburgh.  A nice finish to a swing from this seven year old lad. We were forced to endure another day of beautiful weather today whether we liked it or not.  We likedContinue reading “Transatlantic visitors”

Don’t get around much any more

Today’s picture was taken by Bob and sent to me by Nancy and shows the Chinese canal town of Zhouzhan which they visited on their recent trip to China.  Those two really get about. I stayed resolutely at home today while Dropscone went round the morning run by himself.  He then came round to swigContinue reading “Don’t get around much any more”

Damp squib

Today’s picture is from the heart of London, sent by my sister Mary from one of her walks. This is the end of the Regent’s Canal at Limehouse Basin. It’s a far cry from the London docks of 50 years ago. I had arranged to go cycling early this morning but the weather was veryContinue reading “Damp squib”