Today’s picture comes from Dropscone and shows the road to Lodgegill along which he rode while I was away on holiday. We would like to have a bit of that fine weather this week but the jet stream has done us down and we are in line for a week of cold and sometimes wetContinue reading “Jubilation”

Sunshine and shadows

Today’s picture shows a very smart tram in Zagreb.  It was sent to me by my sister Susan who was there recently. We have hit a spell of much better weather and even though there was still a north easterly wind, it was wonderfully sunny and much warmer than it has been.  We had B&BContinue reading “Sunshine and shadows”

An unexpected meeting

Today’s picture shows John and Andy, our end-to-end guests leaving this morning.  It was taken by Mrs Tootlepedal. The reason that Mrs Tootlepedal took the photo and not me is that I was still lying asleep in bed by the time that they left and Mrs Tootlepedal hadn’t the heart to wake me.  When IContinue reading “An unexpected meeting”


Today’s picture shows one of Mrs Tootlepedal’s gaudy tulips hanging its head with weariness. I know how it feels because after yesterday’s excitement, my head was drooping a bit too although my joints were feeling pretty good.  I decided to give the whole system a good rest and enjoyed a day of leisure, rising lateContinue reading “Stay-at-home”

Wet walk

Today’s picture is another look at our resident robin…or it may be one  of a string of robins that visit us.  All robins look a bit the same to me. It was another gloomy morning and the only colour came from the birds. I think that the chaffinch gives an idea of the dampness ofContinue reading “Wet walk”

All right so far

Today’s picture is of a water lily in the pond.  For some reason they never seem to open fully out. We are nervously waiting for the hurricane formerly named Katia to arrive but meanwhile, after a late breakfast,  I had a pleasant pedal round the morning run in dry and warm weather. It was asContinue reading “All right so far”

A day of two halves

Today’s picture is of a bee on a cosmos taken late in the evening. Our B & B visitors had their breakfast at 9 o’clock and as I keep out of the kitchen until the breakfast artist has finished her work, this meant a lie in and a late breakfast for me. This set theContinue reading “A day of two halves”

There’s always a price to pay

Today’s picture is another look at the Thames from my sister Mary’s walk of yesterday. Today was summer.  I took the opportunity to take three general pictures of the garden. One of the things that you discover when you take pictures in our garden, is that we are surrounded by houses. When you are inContinue reading “There’s always a price to pay”

Dodging showers

Today’s picture was taken while on a jaunt to the Thames by my sister Susan. It shows Billingsgate. It was a day of sunshine and showers and after breakfast, I went out on my speedy (relatively) bike in the hope of catching the sun and avoiding the showers. I didn’t quite manage it but IContinue reading “Dodging showers”