Land of milk but no honey

Today’s guest picture comes from my Welsh correspondent Keiron, who thought that a Welsh lamb would be appropriate for the time of year. I thought so too. We had another in the run of dry and warmish days that have made March such a contrast to February.  Once again there was thin cloud about butContinue reading “Land of milk but no honey”

Hot foot

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew.  He is visiting Aranjuez in Spain.  It is 30 mins from Madrid and is a town built around a Royal Palace.  His picture shows one of the rooms in the so called ‘Labourer’s House’.  I don’t think that the labourer lives there any more. We had aContinue reading “Hot foot”

Pride comes before a fall.

Today’s guest picture comes from Anna, a former B&B guest of ours.  She was visiting Costa Rica when she met this unusual towel rabbit. We had another lovely sunny day today and with the temperature just above freezing, I was happy to welcome Dropscone for coffee until the day got warm enough for cycling. AsContinue reading “Pride comes before a fall.”

Taking my time

The second of the ‘trip to London’ pictures shows “Topaz”, one of the elegant Pullman coaches pulled by the steam engine which we saw at Carlisle station.  I like the little lamps with shades at every table. We had a rare outbreak of summer today with plenty of sunshine and a cooling breeze from theContinue reading “Taking my time”

A good start to October

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone’s highland holiday.  The weather wasn’t always what he would have wished but you can’t fault the views. We had a fine and sunny day here today so October was very welcome.  The temperature is autumnal and the garden was quite soggy when we got up but it driedContinue reading “A good start to October”

Not a lot

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba in a probably vain attempt to stop me complaining about the weather.  Her thermometer is in the shade on the North side of her house, and the picture taken around supper time.  If that was the case here, I would have to move. Continue reading “Not a lot”

A pedal, a short walk and a gargle

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent who has been having a good time on holiday in Jersey.  Keeping her eyes well peeled, she spotted this inconspicuous fungus while there. Mrs Tootlepedal went off with two friends to have another visit to the Great Tapestry of Scotland.  They had all seen it on aContinue reading “A pedal, a short walk and a gargle”

Fort provoking

Today’s guest picture comes from the camera of Mrs Tootlepedal and shows that Matilda, as well as being the world’s greatest baby, has tremendous colour sense. My day started in helter skelter mode as both the Scott, the minister, and Dropscone appeared for the morning pedal.  It proved hard for the peleton to keep togetherContinue reading “Fort provoking”

Milk Round

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother-in-law Huseyin.  It shows the ferry across the Bosphorous at Istanbul where he was visiting family last month. I woke up this morning to find a dry day, light winds and painless knees.  I determined to make the best of this situation and when Mrs Tootlepedal went off toContinue reading “Milk Round”

Computer crash

Today’s picture, taken by my friend Bruce on an excursion earlier this week, shows a slight leak in some water works creating an ice sculpture by the roadside.  It goes to show that despite the sunshine, the mornings are still pretty chilly. We had another day of dawn to dusk sunshine, with a chilly startContinue reading “Computer crash”