The darkest hour

Today’s guest picture was taken by our daughter Annie as she stopped off in Hong Kong on her way back from Macao. We should have been in celebratory mood today as it is the winter solstice and the start of a new year but Mrs Tootlepedal’s cold had got a bit worse and she wiselyContinue reading “The darkest hour”

A change in the weather

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia, who was up in London to watch tennis at the O2 Arena. During a break in play, she ventured across the river on the Emirates cable car. We could hear the rain pounding down overnight so it was no surprise to wake up to a dullContinue reading “A change in the weather”

A day that didn’t quite live up to its promise

The guest picture of the day comes from Dropscone’s recent trip to St Andrews and shows the ‘Chariots of Fire’ beach with the town in the background, both under a big sky. After the excitements of my birthday, I had such a good lie in this morning that I had to bustle through breakfast toContinue reading “A day that didn’t quite live up to its promise”

The best laid plans…

Today’s guest picture from my Newcastle correspondent shows a splendid drum kit to be found on a new trail at Plessey Woods Country Park. We had an exciting plan A for today and a fairly exciting fallback plan B too.  A little sunshine as we woke up was encouraging but 5°C and a bitterly coldContinue reading “The best laid plans…”

A feast of siblings

Today’s guest picture shows my brother Andrew taking his own picture in misty conditions on the top of Blencathra (868m) in the Lake District today.  The climb was fun, the views from the summit were terrible. It was pretty gloomy here  in the morning so I wrapped well when I went out on the fairlyContinue reading “A feast of siblings”

Play it again

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent.  Fiona was taking refuge in a bird hide at the Rising Sun country park when she took this shot. ( She was hiding from the huge piles of work she has to do for an exam.) We were greeted by a scattering of snow on the groundContinue reading “Play it again”

Down in the mouth

Today’s guest picture shows Kenwood positively glowing in the morning sunshine.  My sister Mary visited it for a breakfast in their excellent cafe today. We came to the end of our bright wintery spell today, although we kept the wintery part of it, as it was one of those mean days which feel much colderContinue reading “Down in the mouth”

Not such a big gale (Abigail)

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to Manchester by my brother Andrew last month.  It shows (from left to right) a trendy bar, a canal lock and an elevated tram station. After the strong winds and heavy rain of yesterday evening, we were relieved to wake up to a merely brisk wind and blueContinue reading “Not such a big gale (Abigail)”

Hanging around

Today’s guest picture is  a shot of one of my sister Mary’s favourite haunts, the Queen Mary’s garden, Regent’s Park. It was my morning duty to spend a couple of hours in the Information Hub in the High Street, giving out information to any local or visitor who might require it.  This was an opportunityContinue reading “Hanging around”

Test drive

Today’s guest picture comes all the way from California and shows our neighbour Gaye, one of Mrs Tootlepedal’s fellow sopranos from the church choir, having to put up with what looks like some quite annoying sunshine with the Golden Gate Bridge behind her.  She has our sympathy. There was no danger of us succumbing toContinue reading “Test drive”