The birds and the bee.

Today’s picture, sent to me by a proud granny, is a picture of yesterday’s great frog hunt. There was no need to hunt today After his week away refereeing infant golf prodigies, Dropscone was back for the morning run today.  He had done a very hilly run in the strong winds yesterday so I amContinue reading “The birds and the bee.”

Too late

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin, shows a pair of Dolphins in Victoria the capital of British Columbia on Vancouver Island.  Very smart work with the clippers here. As if to reproach us for planning to go away, the day dawned with brilliant blue skies and a radiant sun.  As if to remind us of whyContinue reading “Too late”

Old History

There is no current significance to this picture but I have put it here as it is two years, more or less to the day, since I started this blog and this was the first picture that appeared.  I note, somewhat sadly considering my present state of health,  that I cycled a hundred miles, includingContinue reading “Old History”


Today’s picture is a third from my sister Mary’s recent visit to the Thames. It shows the magnificent glass house in Kew Gardens. I was going to do a lot of things today – go for a bike ride, mow the lawn, take some nice pictures and who knows what else but in the endContinue reading “Hung”

Round and round

Today’s picture comes from my sister Mary who had a walk from Richmond to Hampton Court along the Thames today. The weather was much improved today. The wind had dropped and the temperature had risen so bicycling was number one on the menu. I rushed to get up and have my breakfast so that IContinue reading “Round and round”