Today’s guest picture shows a new style of letterbox which my friend Bruce spotted while out in Langholm.  You have to get up very early to post a letter in that part of town. We got up quite early today as Mrs Tootlepedal and members of her embroiderers’ group were due to spend a morningContinue reading “Hounded”

A satisfactory day

Today’s guest picture is another from my friend Sue’s cycle tour in the Hebrides.  It is not a sign that you see often. A busy day started with a before breakfast drive up to Bentpath with Sandy to put our photo entries in to the Westerkirk Horticultural Society’s annual show.  It didn’t take long forContinue reading “A satisfactory day”

Not so gloomy

Today’s picture shows Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire recently visited by my younger brother and older sister, two indefatigable tourists. In spite of a forecast of heavy rain and winds, the day of the Benty show offered some welcome and unexpected early sunshine when Sandy and I took our pictures up before breakfast. As Mrs TootlepedalContinue reading “Not so gloomy”

A full day of photography

Today’s picture shows an Icelandic poppy in the garden.  They win the prize for flowering longest. Warning for those with not a lot of time to waste: This may not be the post for you as it has far too many pictures in it. The reason for the plethora of photography  is the Benty Show. Continue reading “A full day of photography”