Reined in

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my brother Andrew. It was taken by his son Dan with a wide angle lens while they were out on a walk together yesterday. It was a disappointing day today, with two plans biting the dust. My first plan was to go up and have coffee withContinue reading “Reined in”

Going nowhere

Today’s guest picture is another from one of my brother Andrew’s walks. He knows that I like canal bridges. This one is on the Trent and Mersey canal. We had a day of rain here today . I wouldn’t say that it rained heavily all day, but when it wasn’t raining heavily, it was raining fairly heavily. ToContinue reading “Going nowhere”

A little step further

Today’s guest picture is a Harris hawk which my brother noticed while on a trip the other day.  From the trailing cord on its legs, it looks like a falconer’s bird.  I might well have been walking rapidly in the other direction rather than taking photos as it looks quite alarming to me. The mistContinue reading “A little step further”