Rain later

Today’s striking guest picture comes from my nephew Dan, via his father.  Dan is on holiday in Iceland. The forecast said it would rain in the afternoon and it did.  Under these circumstances, it was just as well that I got up early, thanks to Mrs Tootlepedal’s encouragement, had my breakfast and got out andContinue reading “Rain later”

Beethoven and the Box Room

Today’s guest picture was taken by my friend Sue.  She borrowed my camera and took this shot of an elderly walker near Talkin Tarn. My day started with two surprises. The first surprise was that I managed to get my bike out and go for a 14 mile ride before breakfast. The second surprise wasContinue reading “Beethoven and the Box Room”

Get up and gone

Today’s guest picture comes from Tony & Co’s visit to Cephalonia.   They had some high spots in their holiday and this is one of them. My get up and go had no option but to return today as the first business of the day was to get up and go to Carlisle.   I was actingContinue reading “Get up and gone”

Over the hill

My sister Mary’s computer has been on the blink which is why she has not featured on guest picture of the day lately but it is back on the go now and she has sent me this delightful picture of the garden Kenwood, taken in May. It had rained quite heavily overnight but our weatherContinue reading “Over the hill”

Still feeling the heat

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Grimsby and shows the fine 1920s cinema building there.  Inexcusably, I have put his photograph through a filter to give it that Hollywood gloss. The promised change in the weather has not arrived yet but at least it was a degree or two cooler today whichContinue reading “Still feeling the heat”

Larking about

Today’s guest picture features possibly the world’s coolest person shot by her mother. When I had gone to the corner shop yesterday complaining that it was too hot to cycle, shop assistant Karen, while selling me some of the necessities of life, pointed out that it had been a cool 15°C when she had gotContinue reading “Larking about”

The eyes have it

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Cleethorpes and shows a Victorian pier from the past and a commercial ship from the present in one shot.  The Humber carries 14% of Britain’s sea trade. Our spell of excellent weather continued but I had no time for bird watching before breakfast as I hadContinue reading “The eyes have it”

Very slow progress

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit my brother paid to Cleethorpes,  a seaside resort.  It was rather too cold for fun on the beach so he headed out into the coastal region of North East Lincolnshire, just south of the town. This was one of many drainage channels, which doubled as a public footpath.Continue reading “Very slow progress”

Revolting legs

Today’s guest picture comes from our daughter Annie, who went to the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday and took a lot of pictures.  This shows one of the gardens at the show. We had another spell of very pleasant weather today but between things to do and protesting legs, bicycling was not on the menu (althoughContinue reading “Revolting legs”

A day that fits the blog title very well

Today’s guest picture comes from a walk my brother did last week with his group of those recovering from heart troubles.  It is good to see that they are taking things easily. We had a day that promised well, offering warmer temperatures and calmer winds and it lived up to its promise.  Mrs Tootlepedal hadContinue reading “A day that fits the blog title very well”