A lot of sitting down

Today’s picture is a snowy scene.  I hope this is not the start of two months of bad cycling weather like last year. Although the scene in the garden looks quite snowy, there wasn’t enough snow to coat the hills round the town as you can see from this picture of Whita Hill. There isContinue reading “A lot of sitting down”

Lapping it up

The first visit this year of a siskin. The weather was horrible and it was difficult to get a good picture but now that they have arrived, I should get an opportunity soon. Dropscone phoned early this morning and as the weather was very windy and pouring with rain, we agreed to give the morningContinue reading “Lapping it up”

Not a frost at all

Today’s picture is of an unexpected return of a flock of waxwings, back on the walnut tree at getting up time. It was an absolutely gorgeous day but very cold. There was no morning cycling because the temperature didn’t get above 3º  until after eleven o’clock. This gave me the chance to nip downstairs andContinue reading “Not a frost at all”

Much the same as usual

Once again the weather was rather gloomy for photography of quickly moving things but I did  get this picture of a sparrow. The day was gloomy but there was no rain and the wind was quieter than Wednesday so the morning run with Dropscone was both more pleasant than Wednesday’s effort and a couple ofContinue reading “Much the same as usual”

Going round annoying people

Today’s picture was sent to me by Gavin, a neighbour and frequent commenter on this blog. It is of a curious blackbird which frequents his garden. Dropscone had regained his bike from the repairer and his health as well so he set off at a good pace round the morning run with me puffing andContinue reading “Going round annoying people”