A damp squib

Today’s guest picture comes from my Manitoba correspondent Mary Jo. Wide awake readers looking at the picture will probably realise that she is not currently in Manitoba. She is house sitting on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii and this was her breakfast view. She tells me that it’s a tough job but that someone hasContinue reading “A damp squib”

A change of scene

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  She was joined by a jackdaw for breakfast at Kenwood House, but it came too late as she had cleared her plate. The forecast was for rain in the afternoon so I might, if I had been energetic and well organised, gone out forContinue reading “A change of scene”

I remember how to do it

Today’s guest picture shows a regular visitor to Irving’s feeder. I start today’s post with an item from yesterday.  Just after I had put the blog to bed, there were loud noises outside.  It was a very misty night and the pink footed geese might well have been lost and checking where the rest ofContinue reading “I remember how to do it”

A bird in the hand

Today’s guest picture is a scan of the birthday card my brother would have sent me if events and illness had not conspired against him.  It is very suitable.   Now I’ll have to try to remember to send him one next year. Birds were on my mind when I got up as Dr  Cat BarlowContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Cat always rings twice

Today’s picture comes from my younger son.  He knows that I like wildlife and has kindly sent me a picture of a beaver.  I think that he should perhaps get out a bit more.  He tells me that he can also make an eagle.  I wait for a shot of that with impatience. We wereContinue reading “Cat always rings twice”

Mrs Tootlepedal tells the time

Today’s picture is a notice encountered by my brother during a hike on Mt Taranaki in NZ.  I thought it should be brought to the attention of  our very own government.  It seems like good advice when as a country we are moving inexorably down a very slippery slope under the guidance of two blokesContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal tells the time”

A bird in the hand

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent visit to MadameTussauds.  Here my sister-in-law’s nephew has an audience of a sort.  He might have taken his hands out of his pocket. It was freezing hard and the sun was out when we woke up.  Dropscone was away on family business again and I had anContinue reading “A bird in the hand”

Ringing and riding

Today’s picture is of a brand new peony which has appeared in the garden. It was a calm pleasant day and ideal for bird ringing so I had a quick breakfast and Sandy kindly picked me up at 7 a.m. and we went off to see what Cat was up to at the moorland feederContinue reading “Ringing and riding”

Thrice visited

Today’s picture shows the Market Place in Langholm.  The bunting is in preparation for Langholm’s Great Day. In marked contrast to our recent weather, we had another fine day today and I got up early and went up to the moorland feeder station because Cat Barlow had told me that she would be ringing birdsContinue reading “Thrice visited”