Keeping my pecker up.

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows a bridge across the Otaki River in New Zealand.  It is not a bridge that I will be crossing under any circumstances. It was intermittently a better day today and at one stage, we even saw the sun.  It was still very windy and with the continual possibilityContinue reading “Keeping my pecker up.”

A small window of opportunity

Today’s picture, which comes from a trip Bruce made to Lithuania, shows bird ringing on an industrial scale.  He added this quote: “In Neringa in 2 Lithuanian bird ringing stations combined it is caught 10-15 thousands birds (~80 species) every year” That’s a few more birds than I could see through the gloom in theContinue reading “A small window of opportunity”

In and around

Today’s picture shows an example of Mrs Tootlepedal’s craft skills.  I can’t say what it is because we don’t talk about it when it’s in the room. She has been working very hard to get it finished for the festive season.  Today was an ideal day for indoor work because for most of the morning,Continue reading “In and around”

Golf at second hand

Today’s picture from her recent holiday in the Lake District was sent to me by my sister Mary. We woke to a light dusting of snow and below zero temperatures.  At last, I thought, a chance to wear the yaktrax.  To my disappointment, when I went out of the back door, the path was completelyContinue reading “Golf at second hand”

An unexpected treat

Today’s picture shows yet another visit from the slender robin. Coincidentally an early frost and my newly ordered yaktrax both arrived this morning which gave me an excellent opportunity to try the yaktrax out.  At first sight I thought they looked unpromising but I strapped them on and ventured out into conditions which our postmanContinue reading “An unexpected treat”

Coasting along

Today’s picture from my sister Susan’s recent trip to the Balkans shows a fine Macedonian mosaic. As the forecast was for rain at ten, Dropscone and I started our morning pedal at 8.30 in an effort to beat the weather.  We stopped for a moment on the way to allow Dropscone to put on aContinue reading “Coasting along”

Head down

Today’s picture is another in the series from my sister Mary’s wanderings in and around London.  Here she is in sight of St Paul’s Cathedral. It was wet once again in the morning but Dropscone was in no state to pedal as he was visiting a physiotherapist in the afternoon so we settled on coffee. Continue reading “Head down”

Gently does it

Today’s picture is another one from my sister Mary.  It is from Golders Hill Park.  This little park at the top of Hampstead Heath has both tennis courts and a good cafe.  I’m not surprised my sister was there. My back is far from well and Dropscone has been told to rest by his doctorContinue reading “Gently does it”

A welcome return

Today’s picture shows the return of Dropscone. Hurray. He was all the more welcome because he brought in one hand a bag of his fine girdle scones and in the other, he kindly got in our milk. I hadn’t thought that we would be able to pedal today but we found a gap in theContinue reading “A welcome return”


Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s trip to Brighton. It had been a restless night with the rain and wind lashing against the end of the house and sure enough, there was water leaking through the window frame when we looked in the morning. The fire place was dry though and that cheeredContinue reading “Thankless”