Today’s guest picture was taken by Mike Tinker when he was visiting a zoo in New Zealand.  Neither Mrs Tinker nor Mrs Tootlepedal are flattered in any way. The day started very grey and drizzly and I was more than happy to spend some of the morning sampling Dropscone’s scones with a bit of CumbrianContinue reading “Overshooting”

Great joy

Today’s guest picture from my brother Andrew is an interesting addition to our bridge portfolio.  My brother tells me that it is Exeter’s old mediaeval bridge.  It had three times as many arches when in use, as the river was then quite wide, but when the first single span bridge was built in the eighteenthContinue reading “Great joy”

Thereby hangs a tail

No guest picture today but a picture of an intriguing present instead.  Our older son gave Mrs Tootlepedal a jigsaw puzzle and she has just started out on it.  I hope to reveal the picture as the puzzle is solved. Our Boxing day weather can best be described as mixed, with sunshine, sleet, rain andContinue reading “Thereby hangs a tail”

CSI Langholm

Today’s guest picture showing our war memorial was taken in the park last night by my friend Bruce who saw it while walking his dog and thought it would be appropriate for today. In terms of crime, Langholm does not usually figure in the news as we are generally a very law abiding and peacefulContinue reading “CSI Langholm”

A gentle day

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my daughter-in-law Clare, shows Matilda, the world’s greatest toddler, lighting up the neighbourhood. Mrs Tootlepedal spent most of the day either at an Embroiderers’ meeting or getting on with her painting and decorating so I very much had the day to myself. After a quick circular tour ofContinue reading “A gentle day”

Blow, blow thou winter wind

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew.  After a break to recover from illness, he is back walking in the Peak District and this picture shows the Manifold river at Ilam. The forecast offered a grey, windy and dry day and was correct in every respect.  The dryness was the chief attraction for  meContinue reading “Blow, blow thou winter wind”

The joy of six

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba.  She was paying a visit to Vancouver when she saw this unusual example of the art of gardening. The wind changed from east to west overnight here and brought a slight rise in the temperature and some rain to go with it.  TheContinue reading “The joy of six”

Only got one pair of hands

In the absence of a genuine guest picture of the day, Mrs Tootlepedal’s current sampler modestly takes the stage to head up today’s post. We had the best day for what seems like months for cycling today.  Temperatures were safely above freezing, winds were light and several rays of sunshine were to be seen.  WhatContinue reading “Only got one pair of hands”

And now, a big hand for Imogen

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Leicester and shows the Guildhall there. The named storms keep rolling in and we are about to be visited by Imogen.  Because the jet stream has obligingly shifted a bit, Imogen is likely to pass us by and visit the south of England instead of us.  Continue reading “And now, a big hand for Imogen”

The calm before the storm

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  She has been spending a day or two in Bristol with my brother for his birthday celebration.  They viewed the Avon Gorge from the Clifton Bridge yesterday. Following my own advice on being prepared to cycle whenever the opportunity arises, I ignored a lightContinue reading “The calm before the storm”