A change of plan

Today’s guest picture is another from Venetia’s visit to the Taunton Flower show.  They really know how to enjoy a good time there. Unfortunately, Sandy’s new bike did not arrive on schedule so with nothing better to do, I set out on a solo ride, hoping that the good weather that had greeted the dayContinue reading “A change of plan”

The ageing process

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my friend Bruce, shows that Langholm has two experienced hole inspectors.  Here the results of recent heavy rain were under examination. The wind had finally exhausted itself and we woke to a picture perfect day.  Well, nearly picture perfect as there were signs of frost in the gardenContinue reading “The ageing process”

Acting my age (again)

Today’s guest picture is another from my siblings recent visit to the Lake District.  Mary managed to capture this lovely shot of Ullswater out of the car window. One of my little plans is to have at least one cycle ride every year in which the number of miles equals or exceeds my age (andContinue reading “Acting my age (again)”

No clout casting

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Bruce who has been up in the north.  It shows a tribute to Tim Baillie a canoeing gold medallist in the last Olympic Games.  It was put up by the Westhill Rotary Club.  Some research tells me that this gold medal came as a bit of aContinue reading “No clout casting”