An outing with Mrs Tootlepedal

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent Venetia. She had left Somerset for the extreme west of the country when she was surprised by the Tour of Britain leaving from Penzance. She tells me that all the riders had passed her in four seconds, so it was a brief encounter. We woke up toContinue reading “An outing with Mrs Tootlepedal”

Out and around

Today’s picture is another from my sister Mary’s recent walk and shows London looking very compact when viewed from  Parliament Hill. It was dry and breezy when I woke so I got up into my cycling gear and quite soon after breakfast managed to organise enough energy to get the speedy bike out and pedalContinue reading “Out and around”

Scaling turkey mountain

  Today’s picture, taken with and sent from Granny’s iPad through a miracle of technology, shows my daughter Annie in her smart and self knitted winter hat.   She would brighten anyone’s day up. It was a day that needed brightening.  I had gone to sleep with a howling wind whistling round the house and IContinue reading “Scaling turkey mountain”