Swing, swing, swing

Today’s picture shows the flock of frogs in the pond I should have mentioned that Dropscone and I saw our first lambs in the fields yesterday on our morning ride so I think we can say that spring is officially here. I went out earlier than usual, taking advantage of the slightly warmer weather, andContinue reading “Swing, swing, swing”

Got those blues again

Today’s picture shows the return of the dreaded snow As a result of this light dusting, I gave up the hope of cycling in the morning and golfing in the afternoon and settled for working in the morning and cycling in the afternoon. I caught a very smart looking chaffinch among the damp branches beforeContinue reading “Got those blues again”

A song and a smile

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, is of a striking sculpture at Marble Arch in London. What it signifies is hard to tell.   It was a grey day with a slight drizzle but the wind was light and the temperature just above 3º so the morning ride was on. In fact, in spite ofContinue reading “A song and a smile”

Magnum opera

Today’s picture shows a log lorry politely waiting behind some cows while going to pick up logs above Gaskell’s It just goes to show that it is not always cyclists who hold lorries up. It was a quiet, non windy, non rainy start to the day but unfortunately this meant that the ground was coveredContinue reading “Magnum opera”

Many a slip

Today’s picture shows just how desperate the cabin fever is getting in the Tootlepedal household. Mrs Tootlepedal is polishing a stainless steel spoon. I have to watch out myself. If I stand still too long, I get dusted. The day started with a double dose of sociability. Our neighbour, Liz, joined us for a cupContinue reading “Many a slip”

Still plenty to do

Today’s picture is of snow in North London. On a nice day, my sister Mary likes to have breakfast outside in this cafe at Kenwood  but not yesterday as you can see from her picture. Mrs Tootlepedal started the day with what would have been a well deserved lie-in if she hadn’t got up inContinue reading “Still plenty to do”

It’s behind you

Today’s picture is of us getting ready to venture to Longtown after 2 ins of snow had fallen in the early morning. It was a bit of a double edged feeling to look out of the bedroom window to find the town beneath a beautiful mantle of gleaming fresh snow. Mrs Tootlepedal had to goContinue reading “It’s behind you”

Head in the clouds

Today’s flower is a very late blooming Michaelmas daisy. Mrs Tootlepedal has been disappointed in how long it has taken to bloom. Today was a complete contrast to yesterday in that the clouds never lifted for the greater part of the day and the hills were covered so the views on my bike ride wereContinue reading “Head in the clouds”