Dining out

Today’s guest picture is another from Dropscone’s southern venture and shows a row of bathing huts on the Isle of Sheppey. He was not tempted to use one and go for a dip. We had another sunny but chilly day today so I went for a walk in the morning after waving at a visitingContinue reading “Dining out”

A winter’s tale

Today’s guest picture shows a friendly squirrel which approached my sister Mary in the hope of a snack. After yesterday’s gloomy and damp afternoon, I was more than pleased to wake up to this view from the bedroom window this morning. After breakfast (and a little lie down to get my strength up), I lookedContinue reading “A winter’s tale”

Plumbing new depths of boring

Today’s guest picture show a fine reconstructed Saxon helmet from Sutton Hoo, complete with designer sunglasses, spotted by my brother on a visit to the British Museum. Thanks to the late night at the Gilnockie Burns supper which didn’t finish until after midnight, I wasted the best weather of the day by lying in bedContinue reading “Plumbing new depths of boring”


Today’s guest picture is another from Zyriacus, showing a fine view of his local river. The weather gods had really decided to stick the boot in today to punish me for leaving my work on the toast until the last minute.  Instead of some nice grey drizzle, the morning was aburst with sunlight on everyContinue reading “Torment”