A wise decision

Today’s guest picture is that brand new word of the year, a ‘selfie’ taken my brother on a walk in October.  I have used so many of his pictures that it only seemed fair to show the photographer himself photographing himself. I had a day with few photographic opportunities but quite a lot to do. Continue reading “A wise decision”

The first and probably the last day of summer.

Today’s picture shows a sunlit Ewes valley. The day was like this from the very start.  Dropscone told me later that he had done 25 miles on the bike before breakfast.  I had a blood test so I couldn’t start out until that had been done.  At about ten o’clock, I went round the morningContinue reading “The first and probably the last day of summer.”

High spot

Today’s picture, sent by my son Tony, shows one of the parts for the base of the new Forth Road Crossing being moved up the Forth.  He says that in real life it is absolutely huge. We had yet another sunny, hot day to enjoy so once again we set out to be full timeContinue reading “High spot”