Changeable weather

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by a proud parent, shows Maisie, Langholm’s gift to New Zealand, being very pleased to be exactly three years old.  Her grandfather was round for a cup of tea today but hadn’t seen the picture because his electricity was off. It was a fine day when we woke upContinue reading “Changeable weather”

A leap of faith

Today’s guest picture has been sent by Langholm exile Joyce, now resident in the wilds of Canada.  She thinks that I ought to stop complaining about the weather here. It was thirty degrees C warmer than that here today and the wind wasn’t too bad so I got the speedy bike out after breakfast andContinue reading “A leap of faith”

A cycle, a sortie and a song

Today’s picture comes from my brother and shows Calke Abbey.   It doesn’t look like an abbey because it isn’t one.  It is a grand house built on the site of an old abbey. It was a good day for a morning pedal with a balmy temperature of 4°C and no signs of ice.  IContinue reading “A cycle, a sortie and a song”

Pressing needs

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew’s recent visit to Singapore shows that they have an ‘Eye’ there.  They seem to have sprung up everywhere. We don’t have an eye in Langholn, just one or two swings in the play park but we do have sunshine at the moment and we are very grateful for it.Continue reading “Pressing needs”

A full day

Today’s picture illustrates the general unfairness of life.  It shows that spring has already come to my sister Mary’s garden in London in fine style. We haven’t got spring here although there are odd hints of it about but we did have another wall to wall blue sky day.  Clear skies at dawn tend toContinue reading “A full day”

Top of the table

Today’s picture shows a robin making every effort to get on the Christmas card. The rain had stopped after two days and Dropscone and I were able to go round the morning run in comparative comfort.  A strong south westerly wind made it sensible to use the traditional route and we had to run theContinue reading “Top of the table”

A window of opportunity

Today’s picture was taken by my friend Bruce last week when on a walk through the grounds of Westerhall, a local big house with a nice line in lawns. I woke to the sound of rain hammering on the windows and rolled over and went to sleep again.  After a late breakfast, the weather hadContinue reading “A window of opportunity”

Calm before the storm

Today’s picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  It show Parliament Hill Fields in London.  One of the best things about London is its many green spaces. It was freezing when we woke and the snow was still on the ground so there was no question of cycling.  Mrs Tootlepedal even abandoned herContinue reading “Calm before the storm”