Elapsed time

Today’s picture features two highly decorative London ducks spotted by my daughter Annie some time ago but only forwarded to me recently. This morning did not quite go to plan.  Dropscone and I set out to go round the morning run in pleasantly dry, warm but cloudy weather.  I had my new GPS counter withContinue reading “Elapsed time”

The north wind doth blow

Today’s picture of unusual multi-story car parking is another from Dropscone’s  sister who is visiting in Switzerland. It was a wonderfully bright and sunny morning and I got up fully dressed and ready to go for a pedal and this enthusiasm lasted until I poked my nose out of the door and had it bittenContinue reading “The north wind doth blow”

Taking the long view

Today’s picture shows a fox at lunch time in an Edinburgh garden and was taken by my son Tony. It was an untypical April day today as it was sunny all day and there were no showers.   On the debit side it was frosty in the morning and only 5° C when Dropscone andContinue reading “Taking the long view”