A goodbye, a welcome back and a concert

Today’s guest picture shows Argentat on the Dordogne which was visited by Venetia during her recent French holiday. After a good breakfast, we said goodbye to Granny as she went off to the deep south with Mike and Frankie.  She had been the perfect guest and we were sad to see her go. Shortly afterContinue reading “A goodbye, a welcome back and a concert”

Flat out

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Bruce and shows the modern equivalent of the wonderful Palm House at Kew which featured as guest picture a day or two ago.  Bruce and his wife were visiting the Eden Project in Cornwall. I had a busy day today with three outings to keep me entertained.Continue reading “Flat out”


Today’s guest picture shows the bridge at Toledo and comes from my brother Andrew who is just back from Spain. The sun was shining, the day was calm and perfect for cycling….apart from the temperature which had sunk back to just above 3°C with the threat of icy roads.  Undeterred, Dropscone appeared and we setContinue reading “Fortyfied”

Mrs Tootlepedal plans a trip

Today’s picture is a detail from a very nice photo of a dragonfly which Gavin kindly sent to me. After several weeks of fine weather, the rain arrived today.  In fact it had rained all through the night as well but so dry has the garden been that it soaked all the water up withoutContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal plans a trip”

Will this fine weather never end?

Today’s picture shows a Zulu dancer and his group who were performing in Langholm today.  Not the sort of thing we see every day. The Zulu group rounded off a very good day indeed. The day started, as usual on the first Saturday of a month, with a visit to our local producers’ market whereContinue reading “Will this fine weather never end?”

The unexpected scone (et Le Tour des Eglises)

Today’s picture shows a pair of charming twins enjoying some sunshine on a morning outing. I was enjoying the same sunshine on a morning walk of my own.  At 2° it was a touch too chilly to cycle so I decided to enjoy the fresh air of a wonderful morning while Mrs Tootlepedal went toContinue reading “The unexpected scone (et Le Tour des Eglises)”

Dodging the rain

Today’s picture, sent by Gavin who is on a wet walk in the Peal District, shows the Peak Forest Canal basin at Buxworth.  I particularly like canals so it gets in at full size.. Once again the worst of the weather seems to have given us the go by.  My recorder playing friend Sue, whoContinue reading “Dodging the rain”