More four and two wheels

The guest picture of the day comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia and was taken while she was on a walk on the Avalon Marshes. It was another difficult day for taking photographs as the cloud decided to come so close to the ground that it was hard to distinguish which was which at times.Continue reading “More four and two wheels”

Knees up

Today’s guest picture shows the birthday present that we siblings gave my energetic brother.  This little gadget will record his many, many steps.  He should have hours of fun with it. We had another -2° to +3°day but there wasn’t so much malice in the wind today so it felt more relaxed than yesterday.  TheContinue reading “Knees up”

A tootle and a (sort of) pedal

For today’s guest picture I have stolen a crop from a photograph that Venetia sent me showing some Somerset cows enjoying a stray spot of sunshine a couple of days ago. There was a moment of sunshine here today too but mostly it was cold, grey and occasionally sleety.  In fact, the sleet showers wereContinue reading “A tootle and a (sort of) pedal”