Driven to drink

In answer to my plea for some guest pictures, my friend Liz, whose official status is Dropscone’s sister, sent me this picture which she took of a modern grotesque, carved during some restoration work at Lincoln cathedral.  She notes that it was made during the great banking crisis. It was another glorious day, although aContinue reading “Driven to drink”

Hope and disappointment

Today’s guest picture sent from Edinburgh shows Matilda in an elated state, having found something to good to watch on the telly at last. After a chilly night, we enjoyed a sunny day for once.  I couldn’t make the best of it though, as I had to go to Carlisle again to try to getContinue reading “Hope and disappointment”

Steamed up

Today’s picture was taken especially for the blog by my brother as he pedalled along the Erewash Canal in Nottinghamshire.  Very nice it is too. Dropscone and I enjoyed a pedal ourselves this morning.  It was a lot cooler than it has been lately but the  absence of any wind made it very pleasant asContinue reading “Steamed up”

Dull day

Today’s picture shows the latest arrival in Mrs Tootlepedal’s extended family.  It is her great niece, Lara. It was another very grey, miserable day today but at least it was reasonably warm.  Dropscone was waiting in for the gas man and I had to go for a blood test so the morning run fell byContinue reading “Dull day”

Calm before the storm

Today’s picture is an odd clock sent to me by my sister Susan.  It is an artwork or installation in the modern sense that anything that anyone says is art is art.  I would call it a curiosity. The forecast was for rain after our sunny spell and the forecast was right.  It rained prettyContinue reading “Calm before the storm”

Sic transit

Today’s pictures shows a daffodil properly out at last. My visit to the doctor was not too bad as she concluded that I might be suffering from a chest infection and told me that only an idiot would go cycling under these circumstances.  I was pleased as this means that I can go on cycling. Continue reading “Sic transit”

Carlisle hospitality

Today’s picture comes from New Zealand after a request for something uplifting for the picture of the day.  This is Maisie, a rugby supporter of course and the proud owner of Jenny and David. It was another frosty morning so Dropscone and I settled for coffee which I enjoyed all the more because Time, theContinue reading “Carlisle hospitality”

An older woman

Today’s picture shows Mrs Tootlepedal in the arms of her father. It was her birthday today and she hasn’t changed a bit.  Unfortunately it was a dreadful day of rain and gales and not suitable for driving long distances, let alone cycling so a proposed jaunt was abandoned. I made her a special plate ofContinue reading “An older woman”