Let there be light

The guest picture of the day is a sunrise over the Thames captured by my daughter on her phone while walking to work yesterday. Our early morning was not blessed with a cheery sunrise today but as they day went on, the weather got better and better until it got exhausted and burst into tearsContinue reading “Let there be light”

Recovery position

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my friend Bruce who had taken a walk along the banks of the Liddle Water.  He thought that this opportunity for a rest might tempt me to take the walk too. I had intended to take advantage of another day of glorious weather to go for aContinue reading “Recovery position”

Free at last

Today’s guest picture shows a huge Santa looming over a stall at a German Christmas market in Birmingham (though how German a stall selling crêpes is you might wonder).  These markets have sprung up everywhere in recent years.  This one was visited by my brother. After several very gloomy, wet and windy days, the weatherContinue reading “Free at last”

A shop and a cycle

Today’s guest picture is a giant head which my sister Mary encountered as part of an art fair in London. The forecast was very poor for the morning and Mrs Tootlepedal was out all day at an embroidery workshop so it it seemed like a good idea to take the opportunity to go shopping inContinue reading “A shop and a cycle”

Back again

Today’s picture shows the sort of thing you can expect to see if you are cycling in Texel in the Netherlands.  Fiona, my Newcastle correspondent, was there on holiday.  The power is being provided by Hannah. Dropscone and I had a pedal too but not on a tandem.  To avoid the danger of racing ourContinue reading “Back again”

Two sunny days in a row!

Today’s picture, sent by my friend Bruce, shows two ducks visiting his garden.  I can’t make up my mind as to whether they look shifty or fierce. It was breezier today and a little bit colder in the morning but it was another beautiful spring day and the sort of day that compelled you toContinue reading “Two sunny days in a row!”

Stepping out

Today’s picture shows a bit of our old oak gatepost transformed by Mike, the cellist, who is also a skilled wood turner. Today couldn’t match the photo opportunities of yesterday as it was very grey and cold with a sprinkling of new snow on the ground.  There wasn’t enough snow to be pretty so itContinue reading “Stepping out”

A short walk

Today’s picture is another from my brother’s recent walk. I had to endure another ideal cycling morning while I sat inside.  Dropscone didn’t cycle yesterday but he told me that he had been out today and I was very jealous.  Still, as usual, I had some birds for company.  This was before coffee. And thisContinue reading “A short walk”

Taking the long view

Today’s picture shows a fox at lunch time in an Edinburgh garden and was taken by my son Tony. It was an untypical April day today as it was sunny all day and there were no showers.   On the debit side it was frosty in the morning and only 5° C when Dropscone andContinue reading “Taking the long view”