Playing day

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary and shows Mr Grumpy’s London cousin trying (successfully) to outdo a work of art in the background in Hyde Park. There were touches of frost to be seen when I got up.  However, it was cheerfully sunny and the day got warmer as it went on.  ItContinue reading “Playing day”

The open road

After yesterday’s guest picture of the old Trent Bridge, I thought it only right to put my brother’s photograph of the new one in as well As it was Sunday, a certain ritual was observed today.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir, I made  a venison stew for the slow cookerContinue reading “The open road”

Getting around

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit that my brother Andrew paid to Manchester in January.  It shows the museum of science and industry where he attended a cotton mill demonstration. The day started out with rather gloomy weather but I was able to keep any blues at bay with a visit for coffee byContinue reading “Getting around”

Hard going

Dropscone did Forth bridges while he was in Edinburgh.  He went over the rail bridge by train, walked back over the mile long road bridge on foot and found time to take this artistic misty picture of the new crossing in between times. We had another fine day today but it was decidedly chilly andContinue reading “Hard going”

Bike care

Today’s guest picture shows Dropscone’s grandson Leo on the starting line for the Langholm Grand Prix. The promised rain is still holding off and it was another calm, grey day, ideal for cycling today.  Sadly, I had arranged to take my bikes down to the bike shop in Longtown for their annual service so cyclingContinue reading “Bike care”

A gentle day

Today’s guest picture, sent to me by my daughter-in-law Clare, shows Matilda, the world’s greatest toddler, lighting up the neighbourhood. Mrs Tootlepedal spent most of the day either at an Embroiderers’ meeting or getting on with her painting and decorating so I very much had the day to myself. After a quick circular tour ofContinue reading “A gentle day”

Less sun, more light

Today’s guest picture shows the River Derwent in Derby in full flow after the visit of Imogen.  It was taken by my brother who lives in Derby. We had a day without any hint of sunshine today but curiously, it was much brighter for the most part than yesterday had been.  This was not justContinue reading “Less sun, more light”

First steps

Today’s guest picture shows an ancient vehicle which my sister Susan saw the other day.  It was waiting to make an appearance in front of some film cameras. My recovery from my cold continued today with a lot less coughing and spluttering to be heard.  If this goes on, I will have to stop moaningContinue reading “First steps”

It’s behind you!

Today’s guest picture shows a friend that my sister Mary met while walking through the park this morning. We had another grey and drizzly day today.  It was unseasonably warm but this was little consolation in the face of the gloom spread by the heavy cloud cover. Luckily there were scones to be eaten asContinue reading “It’s behind you!”

All hail

No guest picture today but a garden puzzle instead.  Mrs Tootlepedal and I thought that someone had thrown a bicycle tyre into the garden when we caught a glimpse of this but we were wrong.  We know what it is now but can any gardening reader identify it? We greeted the dawn brightly today forContinue reading “All hail”