Today’s guest picture shows a Vulcan bomber, a relic of the cold war, flying over the Ayr air show.  It was taken by Bruce who kindly sent it to me.  We used to see these flying over our heads when we were very young, a visible manifestation of the possible end of the world. ItContinue reading “Exultation”

A talk, a walk and a squawk

Today’s guest picture come from our daughter.  She got a camera for Christmas and I am glad to say that she seems to following in her father’s footsteps. Here, my footsteps took me down to Canonbie after breakfast where I was giving a talk on my photography hobby to the small Probus club there.  ThereContinue reading “A talk, a walk and a squawk”

A walk and a sing

Today’s guest picture comes from Zyriacus.  It shows the Leichlingen bridge across the Wupper river.  It was built in 1926 and he tells me that it was built of concrete because at that time the river was so contaminated that they feared that a metal bridge would corrode.  He says that things are better now.Continue reading “A walk and a sing”

Dull day

Today’s picture shows the latest arrival in Mrs Tootlepedal’s extended family.  It is her great niece, Lara. It was another very grey, miserable day today but at least it was reasonably warm.  Dropscone was waiting in for the gas man and I had to go for a blood test so the morning run fell byContinue reading “Dull day”

Becoming conduct

Today’s picture, a moody shot of Dubrovnik, comes from my sister Susan’s recent travels in Croatia. Dropscone appeared a little early today as he had to take his daughter Susan to the station as the first step of her journey to Abu Dhabi for the next Formula 1 motor race.   She has been all overContinue reading “Becoming conduct”

Let there be music

Today’s picture, taken by  my recorder playing friend Susan on one of her walks, shows just how muddy the tracks round here have got after months of wet weather.  Snorkel and flippers required. After three day of enjoyable cycling, my body struck back today and I was too tired to do anything useful for mostContinue reading “Let there be music”

Hot stuff

Today’s picture is another of my sister Mary’s from her visit to Richmond Park. We had another wonderful day of warm, sunny weather with a light breeze to cool us a little as required.  Neither of us had slept very well so we enjoyed a late breakfast before taking advantage of the day. It wasContinue reading “Hot stuff”


Today’s picture comes from Bruce who was showing Jedburgh Abbey to some visiting Brazilians as one does. Dropscone elected not to cycle as he was golfing in the afternoon so I was on my own.  Fortunately it was a very sunny, if chilly morning and I didn’t have too much difficulty in persuading myself toContinue reading “Occupation”