A frog in the throat

Today’s picture shows Dropscone’s brother-in-law bravely suffering the hard life which you have to put up with when you retire.  He’s baby sitting in Switzerland. It was a fine, dry, almost windless morning today which made the fact that I wasn’t fit enough to pedal all the more hard to bear.  An added annoyance wasContinue reading “A frog in the throat”

Team effort

Today’s picture, sent by Dropscone who was golfing at Innerleithen, shows what I think is a common newt, though my guide to newts says that the common newt is far from common any more. Because Dropscone was off golfing, I gave the morning ride a miss and devoted myself to useful tasks (after a leisurelyContinue reading “Team effort”

Sing, sing, sing

Today’s picture shows a very healthy breakfast waiting for my sister Susan who is on a jaunt to Oxford. The day started badly but ended well.  The bad start was occasioned by a severe bout of aches and pains which were made worse when Dropscone phoned to say that he had been round the morningContinue reading “Sing, sing, sing”