At the end of the day

Today’s picture, sent by her mother,  shows Hannah, my friend Gavin’s granddaughter, with the biggest smile in Newcastle.  She is thinking of the tooth fairy. It was a very reasonable day for cycling and I had an invitation from Dropscone to go out for a morning run but unfortunately I also had an invitation fromContinue reading “At the end of the day”

Not bird watching

Today’s picture shows Wauchope Cottage on midsummer day.  A rare example of things being how they should be. If you have to have a long day, this was the sort of long day you want.  Cool and cloudy in the morning while I was cycling and sunny thereafter.  Perfect. I had to cycle by myselfContinue reading “Not bird watching”

Running the new lens in

Today’s picture is another from Bruce’s recent visit to the Isle of Arran. We had another lovely shirtsleeve day today.  I didn’t cycle as I had tasks to do including taking the car to the garage to see if they could see what was keeping one of the doors permanently locked.  They could but theyContinue reading “Running the new lens in”

In the frame

Today’s picture shows a bridge in Christchurch,  NZ, a much battered city.  It came to me from Maisie’s mother by way of Maisie’s grandparent.  I like the comment on the bottom of the picture. It was so wet and windy today that there was no thought of cycling.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to work andContinue reading “In the frame”

Flower power

Today’s picture, from my sister Mary, shows Tower Bridge adorned with the Paralympics symbols, the ‘agitos’.  London has been a busy place recently. We didn’t have a paralympic event here and the best we could do by way of athletic adventure was Dropsocne and me pedalling round the usual morning run.   You certainly wouldn’t haveContinue reading “Flower power”


Today’s picture shows a potentilla which joins the frost survivors club in the garden Dropscone was away on a jaunt to London and my get and go seemed to have gone with him because, although the day was very reasonable, I couldn’t summon up the energy to get a bike out.  I told myself thatContinue reading “Absent”


Today’s picture comes from the “It’s a small world” category and was sent to me by my son Tony, who is on holiday in Menorca.  It shows a bus shelter poster there featuring the name of his sister’s partner among the writing team.  Not what he had expected. It was a day of lots ofContinue reading “Lots”

All right so far

Today’s picture is of a water lily in the pond.  For some reason they never seem to open fully out. We are nervously waiting for the hurricane formerly named Katia to arrive but meanwhile, after a late breakfast,  I had a pleasant pedal round the morning run in dry and warm weather. It was asContinue reading “All right so far”