A golden moment

Today’s guest picture comes from a trip which my brother Andrew made to Shipley Park a while ago, when there as still some colour in the trees. We woke to a fine calm and often sunny day but in spite of this, I had a very restful morning.  Indeed, it was so restful that forContinue reading “A golden moment”

A sign of welcome

Today’s guest picture comes from Gavin’s Spanish holiday where he came across this chap.  Hard to know what he is thinking. We had a lovely day here, warm with light winds.  I will say that again: We had a lovely day here, warm with light winds. There was an article in my newspaper this morningContinue reading “A sign of welcome”

One in the eye for me

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s visit to the Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park last week. Our welcome spell of dry and often sunny weather continued today, although once again it came with enough added wind to make my morning pedal down to Canonbie and back quite hard work on the returnContinue reading “One in the eye for me”

A welcome return for the sun

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Liz, Mike Tinker’s daughter, who is on holiday with her family in the West Highlands.  The picture shows the view from their holiday home window.  Close examination of the large red boat shows that it is loaded with cut timber and is the Highland equivalent of our logContinue reading “A welcome return for the sun”

Ups and downs

Today’s guest picture from my brother Andrew shows that we are not the only people getting a bit of rain.  He found the Dove Walkway running with water when he visited it yesterday. After several weeks of very restless nights following my knee operation, the last few nights have gone a bit better and IContinue reading “Ups and downs”

Shamed into action

Today’s post shows the hat that my son Anthony bought with his recent birthday present money adorning one of his little furry friends.  It may look better on Anthony. We had another near zero dry day today and I wouldn’t have thought that cycling was on at all were it not for the fact theContinue reading “Shamed into action”