A short walk

Today’s picture of beautiful sunshine in London was taken by my sister Mary after her usual game of tennis in Regent’s Park.  She sent it to me to make me envious of the lovely day there. We almost had a lovely day here ourselves.  There was mist on the hills… …but sun in the garden….Continue reading “A short walk”


Today’s picture shows one of the many daffodils which are supplying most of the colour in the garden at the moment. The early morning weather was not at all attractive to cyclists unless they were ones who were particularly fond of wind and rain.  As that number did not include me, I stayed at homeContinue reading “Disappointment”


Today’s picture shows the view from my window as I rose in the morning. When I went downstairs, I took a reading from the scientifically accurate snow depth gauge… .. the snow was that deep. The conditions certainly encouraged the birds to get stuck and three feederfuls of seed had disappeared by lunchtime. Some birdsContinue reading “Wons”


Today’s picture shows the BBC forecast for tomorrow.  I don’t think that I have ever seen one that is quite so uniform. It is very similar to today’s weather, which was also uniformly wet but which was three degrees cooler than tomorrow will be.  The townspeople are also uniformly fed up with the weather.  WeContinue reading “Uniform”

All smiles again

Today’s picture, sent by Bruce,  shows the rapid repair that the local estate manager has had made to the bridge that got washed away last week on Gaskell’s Walk.  Guthrie and Marvin are the works inspectors. Altogether today was a better day than yesterday.  It didn’t rain, the wind wasn’t nearly so strong, I wasn’tContinue reading “All smiles again”

Moving experience

Today’s picture shows a rose which rose to greet the smiling morn. We enjoyed our fifth day of sunshine in a row and it is making us very nervous.  What is happening?  Is it legal?  Still, only one more day to go before a familiar Atlantic low returns and things get back to normal.  WeContinue reading “Moving experience”

Apres moi le deluge

Today’s picture in the midst of our gloomy weather is another ray of sunshine from Sue’s Greek Island hols. The picture gives a flavour of the morning pedal as I puff along behind Dropscone before he shoots off.  Today, I did my now customary ten miles while he went round a hilly 26 mile circuitContinue reading “Apres moi le deluge”

A genuine idiot lives here

Today’s picture shows that spring has hit London too.  My sister Mary sent it to me. Sadly spring has not lasted very long here and today was back to the grey, rainy weather to which we have become all too accustomed recently. I made the day a whole lot worse by picking up a fullContinue reading “A genuine idiot lives here”