With a simile and a song

Today’s guest picture comes from my son Tony, who came across this splendid waterfall while walking the dogs in the Dollar Glen in Clackmannanshire today.  He is having a birthday celebration weekend away. There was nothing much to celebrate about the weather here today.  It was as gloomy as a Washington Democrat (the simile ofContinue reading “With a simile and a song”

Quite bright

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my Friday orchestra, Alison and comes from her recent trip to NZ.  It shows the dawn over Nelson. We certainly had a brighter dawn here than we had yesterday and as a result, I was much cheerier all day.  Sandy came round for coffee and while weContinue reading “Quite bright”

A bonus pedal

Today’s guest picture, sent by Dropscone, shows how the greenkeeping staff at a prestigious golf course still use traditional methods for preparing the ground.  The only thing lacking is that they should have their trouser legs tied up with string. I had thought of offering to go with Sandy to help fill the Moorland feedersContinue reading “A bonus pedal”

On a roll

Today’s guest picture, taken by my sister Mary,  shows a lovely view of the Thames at Richmond.  The sharp-eyed may see the inevitable low flying aircraft in the sky and wonder that people are pushing for an extension to Heathrow which would mean even more of these disturbers of the peace above Londoners’ heads. AsContinue reading “On a roll”

An unexpected visit

Today’s guest picture was sent to me a couple of days ago by my neighbour  Bruce, who is on his Mediterranean cruise.  It shows the island of Crete.  He adds that the temperature was 31 degrees C. We returned to rather chillier times here today and the thermometer struggled to get over 13° .  AsContinue reading “An unexpected visit”

Progress and frustration

Today’s guest picture was provided by my brother.  He thinks there should be a counterbalance to the many white lambs which have appeared in the blog lately.  He saw these diverse lambs on a walk in the Peak Distract. We had another cold and (very) windy day today so I was pleased that my bankedContinue reading “Progress and frustration”

A very welcome break indeed

Today’s guest picture shows the Clifton Observatory, which my brother observed while on his visit to the Clifton Suspension Bridge during his recent trip to Bristol. The weather forecasters had promised sunshine by half past ten this morning and when we woke up to rain and strong winds, we held our breath (metaphorically) until theContinue reading “A very welcome break indeed”

A happy day

In the absence of any guest pictures (hint, hint), today’s leading image shows the cork tiles which Mrs Tootlepedal has been busy laying. I can report that they are a pleasure to walk on. We awoke to another chilly morning, illuminated by cheerful sunshine.  Any feeling of warmth induced by looking at the sunshine throughContinue reading “A happy day”

Not quite so well timed

After yet another rather grey day, I have gone back to sunnier times for today’s guest picture.  It is from my sister Mary’s visits to Regents Park in London. It was noticeably colder today and this trend is set to continue as our weather will come from the north rather than the south in theContinue reading “Not quite so well timed”

Life in the slow lane

Today’s guest picture shows a view of Buckingham Palace from St James’ Park.  I am going to have a view from my sitting room window like this when I grow up.  My sister Mary took the picture. Although it was a rather cloudy day, the temperature wasn’t too bad and the wind was light soContinue reading “Life in the slow lane”