Today’s picture, in the absence of any sent to me by others, shows the bunting in Langholm which has been put up in anticipation of our Common Riding, known as ‘Langholm’s Great Day’, which takes place on the last Friday in July. Our spell of good weather continued today but fortunately for Dropscone and myselfContinue reading “Steady”

Three in one

Today’s picture shows Sam, my friend Bruce’s grandson, wearing a garment gifted to him by Mrs Tootlepedal. It was a perfect summer day for sitting about outside not doing too much and this was very fortunate as this was exactly our plan.  After a quick visit to the local monthly producers’ market for fish andContinue reading “Three in one”

Failure to stick to plan

Today’s picture, in the absence of any fresh contributions from friends and family, is another look at the dolphins that my brother and his wife met on their recent visit to Wales.  They look more exciting than our frogs. My plan for the day was to wake up early, leap out of bed and goContinue reading “Failure to stick to plan”

Mrs Tootlepedal tells the time

Today’s picture is a notice encountered by my brother during a hike on Mt Taranaki in NZ.  I thought it should be brought to the attention of  our very own government.  It seems like good advice when as a country we are moving inexorably down a very slippery slope under the guidance of two blokesContinue reading “Mrs Tootlepedal tells the time”

Another day of rest

Today’s picture, from my sister Susan’s recent stay in NZ shows TSS Earnslaw traversing Lake Wakatipu. We woke to another gloriously sunny but sub zero day.  It didn’t take long for it to get above zero though and it would have been a wonderful day for cycling, if I hadn’t been absolutely laid low byContinue reading “Another day of rest”

How time flies

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows a takahe.  This bird is so rare that it has to have three ankle rings and a radio to help track it if it makes a getaway. My day started with a pedal round the morning run with Dropscone, who not only waited for me from time toContinue reading “How time flies”

Plenty of time for snaps

Today’s picture is another from my sister Susan’s recent trip to NZ and shows Mirror Lake a celebrated tourist attraction. We couldn’t match that sunshine today and with the now customary bitter east wind blowing vigorously, it was a rather cold, grey day but once again without any rain.  I couldn’t go cycling with DropsconeContinue reading “Plenty of time for snaps”


Today’s picture shows that very rare thing, a patch of blue sky over our garden. Not only did we get some (not much) blue sky today but we didn’t get any snow either so the day was counted for me as a definite improvement on recent efforts.  Dropscone, who went round the morning run inContinue reading “Overtaken”

Get up and go, go, go.

Today’s picture, sent by my friend and near neighbour Bruce, shows that the local chaffinches can be found in force in more than one garden round here.  The sunny weather was a couple of days ago. We were far from sunny today.  In fact it was raining seriously for the first time for a fewContinue reading “Get up and go, go, go.”


Another picture from my sister Susan’s album.  A loch near Ben Vorlich. The weather would have let me out for a pedal this morning but my asthma was bothering me for some obscure reason and I reckoned a rest would do my joints no harm so I was lounging around doing the crossword when DropsconeContinue reading “Unsettled”