A sense of normality undermined by treacle

Today’s picture features a London bridge (not the London Bridge) from one of my sister Mary’ s walks round Kenwood. The powers that be, having held a conference, decided that they didn’t want to spoil us with too much sun and put it away for the day.  They sent a little wind to liven usContinue reading “A sense of normality undermined by treacle”

Hard work

Today’s picture shows one of Dropscone’s neighbours having a tree cut down in confined circumstances.  The picture was taken by his daughter I think. It was frosty first thing this morning and Dropscone was busy anyway so the morning ride was once again swapped for coffee and scones.  We bore this hardship with fortitude. IContinue reading “Hard work”

Up and away

Today’s picture is from Dropsocne.  He had to get up early to go to a golf competition yesterday (organising, not playing) and he caught this sunrise on the way to Kelso. He got up quite early again today and came round on his bike ready for the customary pedal.  I am still using the slowContinue reading “Up and away”

Turning out good stuff

Today’s picture shows the sparrows enjoying a sunny day in the fat ball fortress. It was a lovely morning so it seemed a good opportunity to go for a bicycle ride. I got out the speedy bike and set off up the Wauchope road once again, armed with two bananas and an energy bar. TheContinue reading “Turning out good stuff”

Compost day

Today’s picture is another from my daughter Annie’s walk round London. This picture comes from near the wonderfully named Havering-atte-Bower. This is inside the M25 ring road. Dropscone turned up for the morning pedal today without his waterproofs and I wondered whether he would live to regret it but, apart from a drop or twoContinue reading “Compost day”

There’s always a price to pay

Today’s picture is another look at the Thames from my sister Mary’s walk of yesterday. Today was summer.  I took the opportunity to take three general pictures of the garden. One of the things that you discover when you take pictures in our garden, is that we are surrounded by houses. When you are inContinue reading “There’s always a price to pay”

I saw a cloud

Today’s picture is of a cloud in the sky, a very rare thing round here. There was a moment today when the sun actually didn’t shine but it quickly passed. We are threatened or promised a depression and some rain on Thursday and it will be much needed. The farmers are worried about their springContinue reading “I saw a cloud”


Today’s picture is a very serious siskin It was a beautiful day with wall to wall sunshine. However, as usual, the day started with a frost on the ground and even though the temperature rose steadily, it remained remarkably chilly even in the sun. I’m not complaining as I have only missed two days ofContinue reading “Afluence”