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Today’s guest picture was provided by my brother.  He thinks there should be a counterbalance to the many white lambs which have appeared in the blog lately.  He saw these diverse lambs on a walk in the Peak Distract.

manifold lambs

We had another cold and (very) windy day today so I was pleased that my banked cycling mileage for the month would let me take a day off without feeling guilty about it.

It was brightened by the appearance of Dropscone and Sandy for coffee.  Dropscone had been shopping so there were no scones but I was able to plug the gaps with a combination of iced buns and mini Jaffa cakes so we didn’t starve.

After coffee, I sat down to make the most of the morning by putting a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database but suffered the first frustration of the day when I couldn’t access the server to put the data in.  This has happened before and cured itself so I am hoping that it might do so again. (It hadn’t by the end of the day.)

The enforced rest allowed me to spend more time than lately in staring out of the window.  There was plenty to look at.

siskin and goldfinch

A siskin and goldfinch having a discussion

The birds looked as though they were feeling the cold a bit, not to mention the brisk wind.


But occasional shafts of sunshine cheered things up a bit.


We certainly have a lot of goldfinches about at present

After lunch, the wind didn’t get any less intrusive…

wood pigeon

Not a happy looking wood pigeon

…but the sun arrived to pick out a redpoll in all its glory.


The wind was still nippy though


And in a moment of almost transcendental joy, it also let me finish turning the contents of Bin C into Bin D.


Have you ever seen anything more exciting?

And then I had time for a garden wander.  There is plenty of colour about even if spring is creeping along very slowly indeed.

April flowers

And useful insects too.

insect of daffodil

bee on tulip

This bee couldn’t find a way into the tulip and banged round the side for some time.

The first tulips are starting to go over but they still have the capacity to delight.


The sun was a cause of  frustration though as it came out at the same time as I had an appointment to visit the physio so I couldn’t make the best of it with a walk.

On the plus side, the visit to the physio was very helpful.  She was pleased with my progress and had useful suggestions for further action and will see me again in a month for a further check.  I walked back home with a spring in my step.

After a cup of tea, I had a moment to look out of the window again.

collared dove

A collared dove paid us a visit

I thought though, that this picture of a chaffinch among the rather scanty plum blossom summed up the day best.


I still had time to go for a walk but I foolishly thought that I ought to try to get some sense out the Archive Group power suppliers as they had not written me the promised letter of explanation after a month of waiting.  This was not a life affirming experience and not only am I no nearly a satisfactory conclusion to my problems but it took so long that I hadn’t time for a walk.

Luckily my flute pupil Luke came to cheer me up with some excellent playing and good signs of progress.  He is a really good lad and I get great pleasure out of our duets.

A final moment of frustration to round off the day came when I got a message from the website hosting company suggesting a solution to my database problems.  It was good to get a helpful suggestion from people who know but the fact that it didn’t work modified my rapture severely.  I will see if my younger son can help me out.  He knows about these things.

The flying bird of the day is one of the flock of goldfinches.

flying goldfinch



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Today’s guest picture is another from Mary and Venetia’s visit to Shapwick Heath.  This one was taken by Mary.

Shapwick Heath Nature Reserve 19.04.16 012

There was a hint of frost on the lawn when we got up but a bright sun soon cleared it off and the day looked set fair.  This was a bit of a misleading impression though as it soon clouded over and in the brisk north easterly wind, it was pretty chilly.

Mrs Tootlepedal kept herself warm by working hard in the garden.  She was doing major redecoration inside the house at this time last year so she has two years’ worth of work to do in one this spring.

Once again the feeders weren’t very busy but I enjoyed this sight of two goldfinches tucking in to the sunflower seed.


After coffee, I had an errand to do in the town so I got out the slow bike and tried out the solid tyre.  The ride was a bit firmer on a cold morning than it had been yesterday on a sunny afternoon but that would probably be true for a pneumatic tyre too.

When I got back, I pottered about doing a little daffodil dead heading and offering superfluous observations to the gardener from time to time.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal decided to go to the dump with some unwanted rubble from her many bits of tidying up and our neighbour Liz, who had a few things to get rid of herself, volunteered to go with her.

I stayed behind and did some useful things.  I wandered round taking some flower pictures as well.


Several different colours of Dicentra are to be seen.

I did some work on the compost heap and enjoyed seeing some very busy creepy crawlies dashing for cover in Bin B when I lifted the sheet up.

creepie crawlies

The blue lithodora is sprouting more flowers….


…and a pulsatilla beside it makes a strong contrast.


I sieved as much of the compost in Bin D as I could before needing a rest and broke the work up with some wandering about.

ladies smock

The ladies smock is doing its best to cover itself with flowers.

plum blossom

And the plum tree is trying too but the blossom is rather sparse at the moment.

The daffodils are lasting very well and looking bright and healthy.


Mrs Tootlepedal hoped that the grape hyacinths would make a river of blue round the front lawn and while they haven’t quite managed to join up enough to create that, they have made some nice pools of colour here and there.

grape hyacinths

I mowed the drying green and then returned to the sieving and finally managed to clear the compost out of Bin D….

compost bin D

I was recovering from the effort when I took this fuzzy picture as evidence

…and promptly started turning the compost from Bin C into the newly emptied bin beside it.  And so the process continues.  It gives me a lot of innocent pleasure.

The scillas have been rather depressed by the cold but there is one clump that is defying the weather.


I had a look at the magnolia to see how it had done after another frosty morning and it seem to be managing as well as can be expected.


Mrs Tootlepedal has bought some new tulips for a refurbished bed against the front wall of the house.  Half of them are rather interesting with a white edge to the leaves.  I can’t wait to see what the flower is like.

variegated tulip

The ladies returned from the dump in good spirits and we sat down to a cup of tea and some biscuits.

After tea, there were a few spots of rain about and we felt that we had probably done enough work in the garden to warrant a quiet time indoors so after a quick shopping trip, we retired indoors to read and do the crossword.

And that completed the excitement for the day.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch getting ready to land.

flying goldfinch



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