A fine day

Today’s guest picture comes from our older son Tony in Fife.  On one of his recent outings he met these charming alpacas. Those weather gods certainly know how to get a good laugh.  After several grey and miserable days, they waited until we were bound to spend a whole day indoors regardless of the weatherContinue reading “A fine day”

Full throat

Today’s guest picture comes from a recent visit of my brother Andrew and his wife Catherine to Antwerp and shows the interior of the very handsome railway station there. After yesterday’s early start, I wasn’t quite so nimble today and had to settle for a shorter 21 mile ride up the A7 to the MosspaulContinue reading “Full throat”

Tootlepedal sings

Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Mary who was showing a friend, who is very interested in rocks, a fine example of worked stone in Trafalgar Square. It was a dull day as far as the weather went with intermittent drizzle for most of the day and it was a dull day as farContinue reading “Tootlepedal sings”

More excuse for deep relaxation

Today’s guest picture is Mike’s phone photo of the Fairy Loup taken a few days ago when there was more water about.  It is a technological triumph as his phone sent it to my phone and my phone sent it to my computer. Although it wasn’t Sunday, it was a day of rest today asContinue reading “More excuse for deep relaxation”

Concerted action

Today’s guest picture shows the fine ferry that took Bruce over to Arran for his son’s wedding. After yesterday’s extreme gloom, today offered us slightly modified gloom.  It was wet and cloudy but there was just enough light to see the birds on the feeder. They were tucking in. It was still too gloomy toContinue reading “Concerted action”

A song cycle

Today’s guest picture shows the result of time hanging heavily on someone’s hands near Eskdalemuir.  It was sent to me by Sandie, my northern correspondent who wonders if it is a Christmas decoration. Our weather here today was very tame after the gales and floods that have lashed the east coasts of Britain recently andContinue reading “A song cycle”

Concerted action

Today’s picture shows Wetton Mill tucked into the hill in Staffordshire where my brother Andrew was having one of his rambles.  Apart from the attraction of its situation, there is a tearoom there too. I woke up with the time and energy to go cycling.  I leapt up,  drew the curtains and saw the rainContinue reading “Concerted action”

An eponymous day

Today’s picture was taken by my archiving colleague Nancy and shows her charming granddaughter Rachel.  A future archivist if ever I saw one. The warmer weather continued today and Dropscone and I were able to enjoy the morning run without having too many layers of clothes on.  I was taking it easy after yesterday’s briskContinue reading “An eponymous day”

Concerted action

Today’s picture comes from my brother and shows the extraordinary lengths some people go to in order to celebrate the Queen of England’s diamond jubilee. We have gone from very warm to very chilly in one day here and we woke to a grey cloudy day with a raw northerly wind blowing again.  This wasContinue reading “Concerted action”