Gloom brightened by some gold

Today’s guest picture shows Inverary Castle in spring this year.  It was sent to me by ‘Garden Tour’ Nancy from Washington State, USA.  She met us in May with her husband Phil when they stopped at Langholm on a tour of Britain  before going on to the Highlands. We enjoyed, if that is the rightContinue reading “Gloom brightened by some gold”

A purposeful day

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Flamborough Head last month.  He was hoping to see many puffins but they were few and far between.  He did see this one standing rather implausibly on a very steep cliff face. I had several plans for the day and most of them required someContinue reading “A purposeful day”

Extremely relaxed

Today’s guest picture comes from my daughter.  It is one of the show gardens at the flower show in Birmingham that she and Mrs Tootlepedal attended yesterday. I am not in peak condition so I was quite pleased that I had decided not to do 60 hilly miles in the Muckletoon Adventure Festival cycle sportiveContinue reading “Extremely relaxed”


Today’s guest picture comes from the camera of Mrs Tootlepedal.  She bicycled off after church to help with some archaeological surveying at a Roman camp near the town and noticed this painted lady butterfly on the way. I was in a rather creaky state when I woke up and after breakfast I resolved to seeContinue reading “Disjointed”


Today’s guest picture shows the sea front at Ullapool where Sandy is spending a few days with friends.  When the weather is like this, it is hard to find anywhere more beautiful than the north west coast of Scotland. We had another fine day here today but it was, if anything, a little too fine. Continue reading “Sweltering”

Hanging around

Today’s guest picture is  a shot of one of my sister Mary’s favourite haunts, the Queen Mary’s garden, Regent’s Park. It was my morning duty to spend a couple of hours in the Information Hub in the High Street, giving out information to any local or visitor who might require it.  This was an opportunityContinue reading “Hanging around”

A very binary ride….100000 miles

Today’s guest picture comes from Venetia, my Somerset correspondent, and shows her very fruitful crab apple tree in all its glory.  Her answer to the question, “How do you like them apples?” is “A lot.” It was a chilly 3°C this morning when we got up, in spite of it being an hour later thanContinue reading “A very binary ride….100000 miles”

A quick spin and a song

Today’s guest picture shows a picturesque view of the Roxburghe golf course.  It was sent to me by Dropscone, who was organising a two day match play tournament there. The jet stream continues to do fine work in fending off any depressing weather from America and we enjoyed another quiet and dry day today.  ThereContinue reading “A quick spin and a song”

A day of rest

Today’s guest picture shows a firework display at Glastonbury Abbey which my Somerset correspondent Venetia enjoyed whether she wanted to or not.  The picture was taken from her kitchen. After our brief but warmly welcomed spell of good weather, we woke up to find wind and rain again this morning so while Mrs Tootlepedal wentContinue reading “A day of rest”

Autumn fruit

Today’s guest picture comes from my nomadic friend Bruce who found himself in the Odessa Opera House in Ukraine during a rehearsal earlier this week. We had a day of two halves today.  The morning was grey, wet and windy and the afternoon was grey and windy but not quite so wet.  This gave usContinue reading “Autumn fruit”