By road and water

Today’s picture is a tribute to the crocuses which have been brilliant in the cold weather but which are now going over as the days warm up a bit. I had intended to cycle a forty mile circuit in the morning before the predicted winds got up in the afternoon.  As it happened, it turnedContinue reading “By road and water”

A little bit extra

Today’s picture from my brother Andrew shows an impressive glacier at the Homer Tunnel in New Zealand’s South Island which he visited a couple of weeks ago.. Although we had to get up an hour earlier because of the clock change, it was brilliantly sunny so we noticed no difference in the light.  The birdsContinue reading “A little bit extra”

Get up and go gone

Today’s picture shows the scene that greeted us when we rose. Although some spring flowers have indeed appeared…. ….the weather doesn’t seem to realise what date it is and keeps on thinking that it is still midwinter. The snow meant that I was confined to barracks when Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in theContinue reading “Get up and go gone”

Get up and go, go, go.

Today’s picture, sent by my friend and near neighbour Bruce, shows that the local chaffinches can be found in force in more than one garden round here.  The sunny weather was a couple of days ago. We were far from sunny today.  In fact it was raining seriously for the first time for a fewContinue reading “Get up and go, go, go.”

On a clear day

Today’s picture was taken by my neighbour Liz last month on the top of Castle Hill.  She has got many fine pictures on her phone but we have only just managed to show her how to get them off it.  It was full to bursting when she took this one so she couldn’t get aContinue reading “On a clear day”