Let there be light

The guest picture of the day is a sunrise over the Thames captured by my daughter on her phone while walking to work yesterday. Our early morning was not blessed with a cheery sunrise today but as they day went on, the weather got better and better until it got exhausted and burst into tearsContinue reading “Let there be light”

A pedal, a short walk and a gargle

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent who has been having a good time on holiday in Jersey.  Keeping her eyes well peeled, she spotted this inconspicuous fungus while there. Mrs Tootlepedal went off with two friends to have another visit to the Great Tapestry of Scotland.  They had all seen it on aContinue reading “A pedal, a short walk and a gargle”

A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother’s visit to Sydney on his way back to the UK from NZ.  He said it was hot there and here is the proof. It was far from hot here this morning and the thermometer was only just grazing 5°C when I set out for a pedal after breakfast. Continue reading “A pedal (and a walk) and a tootle”

A little activity….(and a lot of birds)

Today’s guest picture, kindly sent by her mother Jennie, shows that Maisie, a previous holder of the World’s Greatest Baby title, is developing other skills in New Zealand. It was a normal Sunday morning here.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I prepared a lamb stew for the slow cookerContinue reading “A little activity….(and a lot of birds)”

Never a dull moment

Today’s guest picture is from one of my sister Mary’s walks. She was impressed by the disciplined formation of these gulls. After a couple of tumultuous days of wind and rain, we were blessed with a day of peace today.  The wind dropped away to almost nothing and the sun shone and all was rightContinue reading “Never a dull moment”

Home and away

Today’s guest picture comes from the camera of Mrs Tootlepedal, who was away in Edinburgh visiting the WGB.  It shows Matilda in animated discussion with a duck. I stayed at home this week, partly because mother and grandmother can manage surprisingly well without my help and partly because we were promised a reasonable day withContinue reading “Home and away”

On song

It was a grey and gloomy day today and I needed a very cheerful guest picture.  Matilda kindly assisted by sending me this picture of her teaching her dad how to swim.  He seems to be enjoying it.  She takes her teaching task seriously. The forecast offered Dropscone and me a window of opportunity forContinue reading “On song”

A hint of a tint

Today’s guest picture comes from my elder son Tony and shows a fine shot of a firework display which was part of the Nerja feria in Andalucia where he was having a well earned short break. Dropscone and I did not have a break as for the fourth day running (riding?) we went out forContinue reading “A hint of a tint”

A worthwhile excursion

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my much travelled friend Bruce.  No prizes for guessing where he was today. Dropscone and I set out on a somewhat less glamorous journey than Bruce.  We were on our bicycles on the way to Gair and back after breakfast.  The roads were dry, the temperature wasContinue reading “A worthwhile excursion”

Parkinson’s Law revised

Today’s guest picture was sent by my daughter in London and shows a splendid wild flower display in one of her local parks. It was dry and not too cold but decidedly breezy when Dropscone and I went out for the morning run to Gair and back today.  We took it gently and I enjoyedContinue reading “Parkinson’s Law revised”