Cutting the clouds

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit by my Newcastle correspondent to the Washington Wildfowl Centre (the real Washington, not the one in America).  It was ideal as one of her children is a wildlife fan and the other likes Lego.  Win, win. I am trying to make inroads into my newspaper index backlog byContinue reading “Cutting the clouds”

More sunshine, more showers

Today’s guest picture comes from a flying visit to York by my brother.  He felt that the York Art Gallery is built very much in the style of a railway station.  This is probably appropriate for the city which is the home of the National Railway Museum. Sandy is recovering slowly from his operation butContinue reading “More sunshine, more showers”

Making the most of it

Today’s guest picture shows Scarborough Bay where my brother was enjoying enough sun to bask  (but not enough to swim). I had carefully studied the weather forecast for today and it suggested that if I rose early, ate my breakfast promptly and got out on the bike in good time, I would enjoy pleasant sunshineContinue reading “Making the most of it”

Relatively speaking

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to the southern Peak District and shows a view across the Manifold valley.  My brother Andrew was tempted out by the fine weather and who can blame him. I was tempted out by some fine weather here too but a crisp 6°C ensured that I put a littleContinue reading “Relatively speaking”

Another pleasant Sunday

Today’s guest picture shows a fence.  It doesn’t look much but my neighbour Gavin, who is in California, tells me that it was moved 13ft by the San Andreas  fault earthquake of 1906.  You can see where it used to be in the background.  I think that I would live somewhere else. It was anotherContinue reading “Another pleasant Sunday”

Not quite as fast as we hoped

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mrs Tootlepedal.  Having wakened at an unsatisfactorily early hour, she made use of the time to arrange her recent samplers on the kitchen table and take a portrait of them. Once I had got up (at a more reasonable hour), we had breakfast and then Mrs TootlepedalContinue reading “Not quite as fast as we hoped”

Play it again

Today’s guest picture comes from my Newcastle correspondent.  Fiona was taking refuge in a bird hide at the Rising Sun country park when she took this shot. ( She was hiding from the huge piles of work she has to do for an exam.) We were greeted by a scattering of snow on the groundContinue reading “Play it again”

Much like the quality of mercy

Today’s guest picture shows a small host of signs of spring seen in Regent’s park by my sister Mary. We had a day when more often than not, a gentle rain was falling.  Sometimes it was so gentle that it was difficult to tell whether it actually was raining or not and sometimes it wasn’tContinue reading “Much like the quality of mercy”

A bit fishy

Today’s guest picture amazed me.  My brother took it at the end of January in Bristol. January is not the time when I would expect to see such a wonderful show of  blossom. It was dry and reasonably calm when we got up.  I should have got up earlier and gone cycling while the goingContinue reading “A bit fishy”

The calm before the storm

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my sister Mary.  She has been spending a day or two in Bristol with my brother for his birthday celebration.  They viewed the Avon Gorge from the Clifton Bridge yesterday. Following my own advice on being prepared to cycle whenever the opportunity arises, I ignored a lightContinue reading “The calm before the storm”