A day well spent

Today’s guest picture reveals that diver Tony was swimming with sharks in the aquarium at Queensferry near Edinburgh.   He tells me that he thoroughly enjoyed it and will not miss his left foot at all*. We had a rare day of calm and pleasant weather today.  I perhaps should have spent more of it cyclingContinue reading “A day well spent”

Good and bad timing

Today’s guest picture was sent to me my former colleague Ada.  She has  been for a trip across the Atlantic. After our lengthy spell of warm, wet and windy weather, we had a change today.  It was cold, wet and windy. The morning looked fairly hopeful as far as the wet bit went so IContinue reading “Good and bad timing”

Rain later

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew who went out today for a wet walk today with a walking group.  He took this picture of a bridge over the River Dove at Ellastone and remarks that you can see from the antics of some of them, that being soaked hadn’t dampened their sense ofContinue reading “Rain later”

Blown over

Today’s guest picture, from my son Tony, shows how to get at inaccessible tree cutting tasks in Edinburgh.  I would be quite happy not to have a use a chain saw while dangling over a steep drop from a mobile crane but it takes all sorts. We awoke to clear blue skies and a senseContinue reading “Blown over”


Today’s guest picture is from September.   I needed a drop of sunshine to cheer me up so I have picked one from my sister Mary’s portfolio.  It comes from a visit to Budleigh Salterton Once again, the drumming of raindrops on the roof was the accompaniment to our breakfast but as the forecast wasContinue reading “Unreliable”

With a heigh ho, the wind and the rain

Today’s guest picture comes from Mary Jo in Manitoba. After seeing some late flowers in our garden, she sent me this picture of a pansy.  She tells me that it showed up as a volunteer at the edge of a border this summer.  Amazingly enough, the brave wee thing has bloomed again (on November 5th!)Continue reading “With a heigh ho, the wind and the rain”

A small bag

Today’s guest picture comes from Gavin.  This year the BBC programme ‘Autumnwatch’ is coming from Caerlaverock WWT Centre about 35 miles away from us.   Gavin was in the area and also visited this nearby castle while he was there. It is one of my favourites. We had another miserably wet and gloomy day hereContinue reading “A small bag”

Better circulation

Thanks to kind readers, I now have a small stock of guest pictures and the first of them, from my son Tony, shows two of his dogs waiting for the referee’s whistle to start a game of football. Our run of grey and still days continued today and as Mrs Tootlepedal set off to goContinue reading “Better circulation”

England under a cloud

Today’s guest picture is the last in the series of my sister Mary’s London park shots.  (I am now out of guest pictures and would welcome contributions from kind readers.) It was another still and misty day when I got up but there was no chance of an early pedal as I had to takeContinue reading “England under a cloud”

Cutting it short

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s visits to London parks.  This one shows the St John’s Lodge garden in Regent’s Park We had another in our series of photographer-unfriendly grey and gloomy days but even if it was a bit misty in the morning, it was warm and still so I wasContinue reading “Cutting it short”