A feast of siblings

Today’s guest picture shows my brother Andrew taking his own picture in misty conditions on the top of Blencathra (868m) in the Lake District today.  The climb was fun, the views from the summit were terrible. It was pretty gloomy here  in the morning so I wrapped well when I went out on the fairlyContinue reading “A feast of siblings”

At last, a pedal and a tootle

Today’s guest pictures comes from Dropscone. He is having to take things easy and as a result has taken to occasionally wandering around the town with a camera in hand.  He took this shot of one of the old bakehouses in the Old Town. Although the weather is not exactly springlike, with the temperature remainingContinue reading “At last, a pedal and a tootle”

Brief report

Today’s guest picture was taken by Dropscone when he was at the seaside at Dunbar for the recent Scottish Boys Golf Championship (where he was an official, not a boy). It was back to being pretty chilly and very windy today but at least it was sunny, which both the flowers… …and the few visitingContinue reading “Brief report”

Four out of four

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce’s recent tour of the north of England and shows a very uncharacteristic yellow telephone box.  It is part of Hull Telecoms, the only place in Britain which doesn’t bow the knee to British Telecom. We had another day without the fierce winds of late which was veryContinue reading “Four out of four”

What a shower

Today’s guest picture is another from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  She was so sympathetic towards Mrs Tootlepedal’s gingerbread problem that she sent me this picture of an absolute disaster in her breadmaker department.  She adds that she couldn’t throw it out out for the birds as it might have killed one if she had hitContinue reading “What a shower”

Back on the bike

Today’s guest picture is of a showy bed of tulips in Regents Park, London where my daughter Annie was taking a walk. We are almost beginning to forget the five months of gloomy weather that have just passed as the present dry and sunny spell continues, bringing joy to the hearts of the townspeople ofContinue reading “Back on the bike”

Me and my girl?

Today’s guest picture once again comes from NZ  but this time not from my neighbour Liz.  It shows Maisie in the garden reading a story to her littler sister Frances.  It was sent to me by Jennie, Maisie’s mother. Here, another cold, grey, windy day easily persuaded me to let Dropscone battle round the morningContinue reading “Me and my girl?”

Early to rise, early to bed

Today’s guest picture is another from my neighbour Liz’s venture to New Zealand.  It shows Tane Mahuta, thought to be the oldest Kauri tree in NZ  at 2000 years old and with a  height of 51.5 meters and a girth of 13.8 metres. Yesterday I had suggested a jaunt to the Lake District to MrsContinue reading “Early to rise, early to bed”

Literally staying at home

Today’s picture shows a wild eyed jackdaw enjoying a fat ball feast. After our wet welcome home yesterday, the weather relented and we had a largely sunny day today.  However, the strong wind kept things feeling pretty cool and when we looked at the garden, there had not been as much new developments while weContinue reading “Literally staying at home”

How to do nothing

Today’s picture is another from my younger son (he is quite a bit older than 12)’s LEGO set.  The beaver has been magically transformed into an eagle swooping from a stormy sky.  He is knocked out by the creative and engineering skills of the makers. We had some grey skies of our own this morningContinue reading “How to do nothing”