Not a lot

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mary Jo from Manitoba in a probably vain attempt to stop me complaining about the weather.  Her thermometer is in the shade on the North side of her house, and the picture taken around supper time.  If that was the case here, I would have to move. Continue reading “Not a lot”

Concerted action

Today’s guest picture was taken on a sunny evening in Spain by my neighbour Liz, who was on holiday there last month. We were back to the fine warm weather here again today and I managed to get out on my fairly speedy bike before it got too hot.  It was not as early asContinue reading “Concerted action”

Another day put to good use

Today’s guest picture come from Mary Jo in Manitoba.  It shows the first flower on her Christmas Cactus.  She adds, “It’s a ridiculously large plant that someone gave to me after halving the original plant with an axe.” After breakfast, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to have fun with Matilda, leaving me to haveContinue reading “Another day put to good use”

Only a pawn in the garden

Today’s picture, sent to me by my sister Susan, is of my new great nephew Jamie. Obviously the finest looking baby in the world. It was a lovely morning and when we had said goodbye to our B & B guest, it was obviously the day for a pedal. Mrs Tootlepedal, however, had different ideas.Continue reading “Only a pawn in the garden”