This way and that

Today’s guest picture comes from our son Tony.  He wants us to know that the sun is still shining in East Wemyss. Our spell of chilly mornings and warm afternoons continued, and as the sun was out all day in a cloudless blue sky, it was no hardship to get dressed a little earlier thanContinue reading “This way and that”

Slow progress

Today’s guest picture from my brother Andrew’s visit to Spain shows the cathedral at Santiago.  It seems to defy the laws of gravity a bit but that might be lens distortion. We had the promised lovely day today, with light winds, gentle sunshine and genuine warmth, ten degrees C above the seasonal average. I laidContinue reading “Slow progress”

Back to normal with a pedal and a tootle

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone.  He was not to be outdone by his sister so he sent me a bridge picture too from a recent walk to Arrisgill.  It is of a severely practical design. Our spell of good weather continued but still accompanied by a brisk wind and not quiteContinue reading “Back to normal with a pedal and a tootle”

It takes two to tango

The picture of the day is a swan taken by my sister Susan as she passed it on a walk with my sister Mary (who is progressing well with her new hip). Today’s blog will be divided into two parts. Part one: Yesterday…. For Christmas, our younger son and his wife had given us ticketsContinue reading “It takes two to tango”